Merideth Morgan Curvy Fashion Stylist

Photo By: Merideth Morgan

Meet Merideth Morgan, a star on the rise. ☕ 📸

As a stylist, writer, and performer, Merideth Morgan’s ability to create visual works of art and pair them with educational and entertaining content is a combo that has been growing a much-deserved audience.

While creating content for brands like Nike and Michelob Ultra, and styling for celebrities like Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, Aziz Ansari, Paul Rudd, and Robin Williams, Merideth has recently extended her creative reach with her community platform for Curvy Fashion and Style. It’s incredible. She’s incredible.

 We grabbed some coffee at the Ace Hotel in NY to catch-up and talk through all of her latest projects! While Merideth will never admit to being a star on the rise (because she’s wonderfully humble), she is. Take note, friends. Follow her on Instagram and get excited!

Merideth Morgan Curvy Fashion Blogger

Photo By: Merideth Morgan

Q: Stylist, Writer, Model, and Actor, how would you introduce the world to Merideth Morgan if your life were a movie?  i.e. Can you give us the movie trailer introduction to Merideth Morgan?
Dun dun dun! The renaissance woman, Merideth Morgannn! [cue jumping out of a chopper and descending from attached rope]…That sounded good in theory to the opening of my trailer. I suppose that’s not my strong suit. Ha!

Well, I’m Merideth, a curvy influencer and model, and wardrobe stylist. It’s safe to say, I like to stay busy…but only doing things that I love and am passionate about. The days of working for someone else’s dream (ie. 9-5) are long over. I’m a freelancer living in NYC (it’s not impossible, but it’s hard!) and every day is different. Some days I’m on set shooting with plus size company Gwynnie Bee, other days I could be on set styling a Mack Wilds music video and somedays you can find me acting in an ESPN commercial next to Randy Moss. Other days, you can find me in my white and gold decorated Jersey City apartment, brainstorming editorial ideas or behind my computer working on my blog (where I like to think I inspire other curvy women).

Merideth Morgan, Stylist and Curvy Blogger

Photo By: Merideth Morgan

Q: What’s been your favorite project(s) thus far?
I think one of the biggest moment thus far was working as an assistant alongside Miles Siggins on the GQ UK comedians issue. I dreamt of working for a major publication like that when I was younger and it happened! I got to meet some incredible people on set like Chris Rock, Tracy Morgan, Aziz Ansari, Paul Rudd, and Robin Williams. And now that I’m on my own as a lead stylist (and have assistants) every project I work on is amazing. Sometimes I pinch myself that I get to work with these major companies. I’m grateful for it all.

Merideth Morgan Fashion

Photo By: Merideth Morgan

Q: How did you land them and or what advice would you give for hopefuls looking to get into the space?
I never really realized how it happened until I became my own boss. It is literally all through word of mouth. That’s how I’ve gotten every single gig of mine. Whether I worked with them on past projects and they remember me and then hire me on future projects or sometimes your friends pull you onto their projects. We are a small knit group, so we all try to help each other out. I’ve gotten hair and makeup artists gigs and they’ve gotten me gigs just by passing name along. My biggest piece of advice for hopefuls is to network, network, network. Introduce yourself to everyone and be someone people like to be around. Work your *** off no matter how big or small the project. Smile and put off positive energy…all the time. For modeling and acting, I belong to a number of casting networks, and I constantly am submitting myself to projects. I’ve gotten professional commercial/print headshots done and have sent them out to agencies. A game changer was taking a class call “The Business of Acting” where they laid out the blueprint of what I needed to do to land commercials and an agent.

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Photo By: Merideth Morgan

Q: How do you think the fashion and style community has evolved with the surplus of social connections, primarily Instagram.  Has it been helpful or harmful – i.e. more copycats and or internet trolls, etc?

This is such a loaded question. It’s a gift and a curse, a love/hate relationship. I hate social media and wish I didn’t have to use it and hopefully, one day will have someone managing it for me. I keep my notifications turned off because I could care less who “likes” my pictures…however, no one would know about my blog and I wouldn’t have an influence if it wasn’t for social media. I will tell you that it’s been extremely hard to grow even though I feel like I have really quality content in comparison to other bloggers or influences. I spend a lot of time trying to make my “blog pictures” into art not only because I think it tells more of a story but because it’s more visually interesting to look at. So, picture editorial ads you see on the pages of Vogue. There are certainly things on social media that doesn’t get the props it deserves. It’s saturated and hard to get seen. Overall, it’s been helpful, it’s free advertising but the downfall is that it’s inconsistent and the algorithm doesn’t always work in your favor.

Merideth Morgan Stylist

Photo By: Merideth Morgan

Q: What projects are you working on currently?
I’m gearing up for a couple major music videos in the next 2 weeks, a Nike project and Michelob Ultra project. I’ve also taken on some private clients from afar and will be traveling to edit their closet next month.

Q: If you could have coffee with any 5 people, who would it be?
Martin Luther King Jr.
Michael Jordan
Helen Keller
Pat Summit

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