Justifying ice cream for breakfast is like convincing yourself to stay up an extra hour past your bedtime to binge…more of your favorite Netflix series.

We’re adults these days, with that comes responsibility, and with that a wonderful thing called rationalizing. After all, ice cream IS a dairy product so can’t you just add cereal to it and call it proper?

Maybe you’re not sold but you want ice cream for breakfast because who doesn’t? We got you covered, it’s simple, just add coffee. Espresso to be exact.

We sent some coffee to Rebecca White of A Pleasant Little Kitchen so she could make an ice cream dream breakfast come true. Rich espresso, bold dark chocolate, and smooth cinnamon ice cream…

The Dallas News was so delighted they decided to feature on Rebecca’s Cinnamon Affogato Ice Cream. To make it yourself, check out the recipe here: How to Make Perfect Homemade Ice Cream in 5 Easy Steps.