Coffee is so much more than a beverage — it’s a community. By taking a look through some of the best coffee blogs out there, you’ll get an introduction to just how broad and diverse the world of coffee really is.

Maybe you’re a novice whose infatuation is rapidly turning into something more serious. Or maybe you’re a connoisseur with a thirst for knowledge on brewing techniques. A lot of these bloggers have been there, and they enthusiastically share tips, experiments, and comparisons that will have you making top-notch craft brews in no time.

The social aspect of coffee drives some other blogs, which focus on coffee-forward global travel itineraries and coffee destinations, and introduce you to the people behind them. With coffee and community being inseparable, many of the best coffee blogs also touch on issues like sustainability and ethics. We all like a beverage we can really feel good about, and these blogs will help you get there.

In this selection of some of the best coffee blogs we know (presented in no particular order), you’re sure to find new things to love about coffee. Welcome to the conversation.

1. Coffee Cantata

Best Coffee Blogs: Coffee Cantata

The catch phrase for Coffee Cantata, “Coffee: Music in a Cup,” captures creator Margaret’s unpretentious approach to coffee connoisseurship. Her coffee reviews are cross-referenced by geographic origin and brew method. The precise details of the extraction process, like temperature and coffee-to-water ratio, are meticulously recorded so you can repeat the experience at home. Her tasting notes are vivid and delightful and they include serving thoughts, such as how the brew pairs with milk.

Margaret — a professional musician — brings finesse to the art of tasting: “… one sip of an Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and you will never mistake the flavor for a Sumatra, just like you would never mistake Mozart for Shostakovich.”

Her “off topic” pieces also make excellent reading while you enjoy a carefully brewed, fresh cup of coffee.

2. Sprudge

Best Coffee Blogs: Sprudge

Sprudge is widely recognized as one the best coffee blogs around. This is the place to find out about everything going on in the world of coffee.

In Sprudge Wire, you can get up-to-date information on coffee-related news worldwide. For the traveler, coffee-forward city guides capture the rich essence of the distinct coffee cultures throughout the globe. There are also comprehensive listings for jobs in the best brands of specialty coffee.

No time to read? They also have a podcast you can enjoy on the go with your sustainable travel mug in hand.

3. The Coffee CompassBest Coffee Blogs: The Coffee Compass

The Coffee Compass has a global outlook to navigating the world of craft coffee. You’ll find interesting reviews of coffee shops from around the globe.

One of the site’s founders, Michael Butterworth, is a coffee consultant and educator, as well as a licensed Q Grader. He’s based in Istanbul, while his founding partner, Darren Jennings — creator of the app RoastWatch — is in San Francisco.

Professional equipment is highlighted in pieces like How the Ikawa Coffee Roaster Changed Barista Competitions. They also have insightful gear reviews and excellent instructional articles for getting the best performance out of your gear, like making iced coffee in an AeroPress. Book reviews and interviews introduce personalities from the world of coffee.

4. Coffee ReviewBest Coffee Blogs: Coffee Review

If you’re interested in becoming a more informed coffee drinker, Coffee Review is the best coffee blog to begin your journey.

This blog, which has been running for over two decades, starts from the premise that coffee is as nuanced and complex a beverage as wine is, and deserves similarly clear and rigorous criteria for assessment. The aroma, acidity, body, flavor, and aftertaste of coffees are rated, and the fullness of the coffee experience unfolds.

Coffee Review will help you to develop a more discerning palate, determine what factors affect taste, and learn to insider lingo, like Agtron numbers (which determine roast color). You’ll also find excellent equipment reports, comparisons, and ratings.

5. Barista HQ

BaristaHQ is the ultimate authority in the coffee niche, serving as an unparalleled destination for coffee enthusiasts. This extraordinary coffee blog caters to a diverse community of coffee lovers, delivering an extensive array of captivating content. From the art of brewing to the latest trends in the industry, BaristaHQ provides invaluable knowledge that resonates with both beginners and seasoned baristas.The meticulously crafted articles, backed by thorough research, captivate readers with their engaging prose and informative visuals. Every piece is designed to be easily accessible and enjoyable, ensuring an immersive reading experience. Moreover, BaristaHQ goes beyond being a mere blog by fostering a vibrant sense of community. Readers are actively encouraged to participate through comments, discussions, and even contribute as guest writers.

In the realm of coffee culture, BaristaHQ stands out as an extraordinary resource, offering unparalleled content and fostering a genuine sense of belonging.

6. I Need CoffeeBest Coffee Blogs: I Need Coffee

I Need Coffee, started nearly 20 years ago by coffee enthusiast Michael Allen Smith, has stayed true to its mission: celebrating coffee and helping readers make the best possible coffee at home.

Through tutorials on topics like using an upside-down AeroPress, making low-tech traditional coffees like Turkish coffee, or using a CoffeeSock, I Need Coffee helps readers maximize the home coffee experience. You’ll even find ambitious and fun projects, like roasting your own coffee beans in your home oven.

You’ll enjoy informative sections like Latte Lingo, which includes fun notes on specialized coffee jargon.

7. Coffee StylishBest Coffee Blogs: Coffee Stylish

Coffee Stylish creator Danijela is dedicated to helping the home coffee drinker brew seriously good coffee, offering tutorials on variety of accessible topics, such as how to make great coffee with what you already have and how to keep your coffee maker clean.

If you’re looking to upgrade your equipment, check out her insightful reviews. She also has a dedicated Keurig coffee maker resource page. Her enormously handy conversion chart ensures you’ll always be able to brew the perfect cup of any size, for just one or for a crowd.

There’s also plenty of fanciful inspiration: If you like indulgent coffee drinks, you’ll love her recipes for anything from a coconut milk mocha to a dulce de leche iced coffee float.

8. My Coffee Beans


My Coffee Beans, curated by coffee enthusiast and software engineer Sudhir, is your ultimate resource for all things coffee. It presents a unique blend of education and reviews, diving deep into coffee cultivation, regional variations, and roasting techniques. With engaging, expert-backed content, Sudhir navigates the robust world of coffee, reviewing brands, suggesting tools, and awakening your inner barista. Brewing knowledge, one post at a time. Expand your coffee knowledge with My Coffee Beans, your trusted guide to all things coffee.

9. Bean GroundBest Coffee Blogs: Bean Ground

On Bean Ground, Mark Morphew — a passionate home-brewing enthusiast with years of professional food and beverage experience — shares detailed, useful information geared to fellow home-brewers.

Brew guides include topics like maximizing your success with a Moka Pot or a Hario V60 brew guide for beginners. There’s a whole section devoted to pour-over methods and gear, and another section for every type of home coffee maker with plenty of reviews.

In the Coffee College section, Morphew shares his experiments and research, explains fundamentals like the difference between Arabica and Robusta, and shares a rich backstory in Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sumatra Coffee.

10. JimsevenBest Coffee Blogs: Jimseven

Jimseven is the blog of James Hoffman, author of “The World Atlas of Coffee.” He delivers detailed, in-depth information on diverse coffee topics. The industry-centered posts — like on quality vs. scale, or on the confusion of expensive coffee — make a nice read for both professionals or interested amateurs. James has a clear voice and an engaging style that makes for good reading.

11. The Way to CoffeeBest Coffee Blogs: The Way to Coffee

On The Way to Coffee blog, culture and coffee are intertwined. We join creator Resi on her quest to seek out authentic and unique coffee experiences around the globe.

The result is a collection of coffee-forward city guides focusing on craft coffee and the people who make it. Visually, this is one of the best coffee blogs around — the stories really come to life through Resi’s stellar photography. There’s also an excellent section on specialty coffees and what she has learned from observing and engaging with professional baristas.

12. Coffee MuseumBest Coffee Blogs: Coffee Museum

Coffee Museum is a delightfully unique and unconventional blog that harnesses the spirit of coffee and all that it inspires. The blog functions as a virtual museum with collections and exhibitions — the first focusing on Sao Tome island, the people, the memories, and the coffee.

The “Coffeeism” section — created with the aim of elevating coffee-inspired art — invites the community to engage by sharing ideas, images, experiences, and artwork. There are also blog posts in a conventional format on a wide range of coffee-related topics. Coffee Museum gives us still more ways to love and appreciate coffee culture.

13. The Coffee ConciergeBest Coffee Blogs: Coffee Concierge

Creator Benji’s infectious appreciation for coffee makes The Coffee Concierge as fun to read as it is useful. Benji’s knowledge of craft coffee is self-taught and ongoing, which makes him a pretty engaging teacher.

A highlight of the blog is his useful experiments, like determining the best coffee-to-water ratio. He reviews coffees — both whole bean and ready-to-drink — and gear. He also has a handy e-book available called “Coffee Hacks.”

14. Taylors of HarrogateBest Coffee Blogs: Taylors of Harrogate

If you’re interested in learning more about the lives of the many people involved in growing and supplying coffee, then the blog of Taylors of Harrogate will definitely interest you.

This independent, family-owned company specializing in quality teas and coffees maintains a strong commitment to ethics and relationships. Learn about the supply chain, the world of coffee, and the difference coffee can make through in-depth pieces like “Celebrating Women in Coffee in Peru.”

15. Caffe Society

Best Coffee Blogs: Caffe Society

Caffe Society — purveyors of equipment, coffee, and accessories — has an informative, professional blog that’s also great for home craft brewers. Check out their section for barista tricks, tips, and techniques. Their meticulous instructions, like in this excellent piece on how to make a cappuccino, are useful to both the professional and the passionate amateur alike.

This is a great resource for anyone interested in upping their at-home coffee game. It’s also a great place to keep up with trends and ideas in the world of coffee.  

A Whole New World of Coffee

What we really love about coffee is that this daily ritual is also a community, a culture, and a way of coming together. Which is why we couldn’t stop at just 14 coffee blogs – we also love Coffee How for a true barista’s perspective on brewing and more, and Coffee In My Veins for its focus on sharing what we all have in common on our coffee journey, from the first sip to fully unlocking your coffee potential.

Whether you’re looking to perfect your home coffee experience, find inspiration for art, or learn about the world, you’re sure to find it from these bloggers.

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