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Taylor Davies is a favorite. With a rare dynamic wit that skews ultra friendly without a rancorous attitude. A complete compression of what’s cool and hip without being pretentious. And an approachable personality that sings through her writing, Taylor is, as you’ll see, absolutely wonderful.  When we were in New York we grabbed some coffee in the village and talked travel, culture, and everything great.

Taylor Davies

Photo By: Taylor Davies

Let’s get the Movie Trailer intro to Taylor Davies and what you’re up to, please…
From the humid, hot garbage streets of New York City to the quiet oasis of her parents’ home in Idaho, this is Taylor Davies: The Freelance Years. There will be weekend escapes to The Hamptons that she can’t really afford. There will be impossibly tight deadlines for clients she loves. There will be bad dates on beautiful nights and by god there will be a lot of Aperol Spritzes.

Coming to a theater near you this summer is the story of a woman trying to have it all—and write about it too….

Who would narrate your intro?  
Oh that’s easy — Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen.
Hahah yes! #Greenlight
We all know you could write a book about things to do in NY, where does one begin when planning their very first trip to NY? 
Oh man, the idea of a planning a very first trip to NYC is so daunting! But, the first thing I focus on is food! This is the best city for eating and drinking at the kinds of places you’ll remember your whole life. I point everyone to The Infatuation. Their restaurant and bar reviews and guides are absolute gold—they’ll never steer you wrong.
Taylor Davies

Photo By: Taylor Davies

1. Make Time for Art
If you love art museums, the Met and the MoMA are must-see spots, as is the new Whitney Museum downtown. All three of them have bars and restaurants, which are essential when you want to take a beat and refuel.
2. The Best Views
If you want to get some perspective by doing the “view thing,” plan a fancy sunset hour drink at either The Top of the Rock (Manhattan) which has an amazing view of the Empire State Building or The Wythe Hotel (Brooklyn) where you can see the entire Manhattan skyline from across the river.
3. When the Weather is Nice
Here in New York when the weather is nice, we live for a good al fresco situation. Grand Banks is the absolute best—it’s a super luxe, very Instagram-worthy bar and restaurant on an actual sailboat, docked in TriBeCa. Plus, they just opened a new outpost called Island Oyster on Governor’s Island that is supposed to be great.
4. Central Park
Central Park is a classic—locals and tourists alike flock to it year-round. Be sure to walk up the famous Mall to Bethesda Fountain and the lake. Walk around the right side of the lake to the Loeb Boathouse and grab a drink at their outdoor bar and the rowboats and gondolas go by.

Fall Hat Trend 2016 Taylor Davies

Photo By: Taylor Davies

5. Spend Time Below 14th Street
A lot of the big name attractions are Uptown, but trust me, all the fun is happening below 14th Street. Carve some time out to just explore the neighborhoods, walk around, shop and get some serious real estate envy. Alphabet City, the West Village, Greenwich Village and Nolita are all worth your time. (And probably sore feet at the end of the day.)

If you’re not exhausted after all that come talk to me, I’ve got more!
What spots in NY do you think you frequent the most? 
Well, out of necessity and laziness, I am often at the gorgeous, expensive, amazing Citarella grocery store right near my apartment on weeknight—cobbling together a dinner of some kind. When I am in the mood for an epic night out, I gather my friends and head to 169 Bar in the Lower East Side. It is one-of-a-kind, ridiculously fun and they have dumplings. Need I say more? Weekend mornings you can almost always find me getting my favorite breakfast one-two punch—a bagel from Bagel Bob’s and a cold brew from Madman Espresso, both on University Street. 
Lavender By the Bay Long Island 3 Taylor Davies

Photo By: Taylor Davies

What’s on your Summer wish list of things to do, items to buy, places to be in NYC?
To Do: A picnic aboard the Honorable William Wall and a day drinking adventure to check out Diamond Reef and Sunday in Brooklyn.

To Buy: I really want these summery outfit-making earrings from Tuckernuck and a new pair of Levi’s 501 shorts. Oh, and this thing so I can try making cold-brew coffee at home.

To Be: I want to spend more time finding under-the-radar spots near where I live in Greenwich and the West Village.
How about those NY’ers looking to get away – what are the Top 3 Day Trips to take for a weekend away? 
Funny you should ask, I just wrote a whole post about that on my blog! I also just recently spent a long weekend in Greenport, New York, which is a delightful little town on the North Fork of Long Island with a budding foodie community. I have eclectic taste in getaways—I absolutely love the kitsch and natural beauty of Niagara Falls as well as the ultra-historic vibes of Philly. And when I’m feeling like really need to get away? Portland, ME is an absolute dream and about a 7-hour drive from the city.


Taylor Davies NY Travel Writer

Photo By: Taylor Davies

When traveling / sightseeing, any items you don’t leave home without?
For days when I know I’m going to be away from home base for a while, I try to fit everything I need in a small crossbody bag, like this one from Gigi New York. In there I always have:
If you could have coffee with any 5 people – who would it be?! 
Oh man, this is tough but of the top of my head… 
  1. Marie Antoinette
  2. Rihanna
  3. Cleopatra
  4. Queen Elizabeth II
  5. Stevie Nicks.

I think we’d have a lot to talk about. The Queen would probably ask for tea, though.

American Flag Montauk Beach (1)

Photo By: Taylor Davies

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