Sometimes convenience takes the place of quality. That’s ok, life is busy! We all need a little convenience now and again.

But, may we suggest taking the time to hand grind your coffee? This method yields stronger flavors and a fresher taste- two of the most important components of any cup of coffee.

Don’t most of us want (arguably need) to start the day with a perfect cup of coffee? Well, using a manual grinder is a surefire way to get one.

Why You Should Use One

While many people gravitate towards automatic grinders for their speed and efficiency, there are quite a few advantages to using a hand grinder over an automatic one:

  1. A hand grinder is perfect for the traveler/outdoors type. No more instant coffee or stale pre-ground coffee for you on those business or camping trips! Check out this article to learn 4 ways of making coffee outdoors.
  2. Manually grinding your coffee allows you to appreciate and enjoy the process of making coffee. We are constantly too wrapped up in how quickly we can accomplish tasks that we forget to enjoy something. Stop and take the time to smell the freshly ground coffee beans!
  3. Hand grinders are an affordable option to getting a fresh taste. You don’t even need a coffee maker! See this article about how to make coffee without a coffee maker and still achieve a fresh tasting cuppa joe.
  4. Easy to use. One of the most common pros of a hand grinder is that most designs are easy to figure out, handle, and extract from.
  5. Most hand grinders do not rely on electricity and are therefore less prone to breaking due to faulty technology. This also makes hand grinders more convenient in light-weight travel situations like hiking or backpacking.
  6. It is much quieter than automatic grinders, which is great for those who want to bring a coffee grinder to an office setting or those who wake up before the rest of the house.

3 Popular Hand Grinders on the Market (under $60)

1. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder (normally ~$60, but currently on sale for $24)

JavaPresseThis handheld grinder has over 18 precision settings which allow you to determine your preferred grind consistency with 100% accuracy. It doesn’t need electricity which makes it the perfect traveling companion for those wanting freshly ground coffee on their trips; bonus that it’s lightweight and could be taken on more physical activities, such as backpacking. Also, if you like it and buy another one, JavaPresse offers a discount!

2. Khaw-Fee HG1B Hand Coffee Grinder (normally ~$50, but currently on sale for $27)

Khaw-Fee HG1B Hand GrinderThis grinder breaks apart entirely so it is easy to clean. It’s durable, despite the bottom part being made of glass. Users report this device gives a clean, consistent, and reliable grind every time. No “static-y mess” or grounds stuck in the grinder bowl- both of which are common complaints of automatic grinders. Note that you will have to re-adjust your settings after washing, so it might be a good idea to keep track of what settings you’re using.

3. Zingy Portable Manual Coffee Grinder (normally ~$40, but currently on sale for $20)

Zingy Coffee Hand GrinderThis light and easily transportable hand grinder is Aeropress friendly. This one, above the others, might be best for hiking/camping/backpacking as it comes with its own pouch, allowing you to pack up the spoon, cleaning brush, and handle (which comes with the device) all together. Coffee is sooner at hand (only a little pun intended) when you’re not searching through your stuff for all the individual parts. This is one of the most versatile manual grinders on the market as it can be used for herbs and spices, too!

3 Hand Grinders for the Coffee Aficionado

If money is no object and/or coffee devices are not items you skimp on, here are some of the more upscale luxury hand grinders available to consumers:

1. Peugeot 19401765 Bresil Coffee Mill ($110-170)

Peugeot Coffee Hand GrinderThis classy little coffee grinder is set in a walnut base complete with a small drawer that holds 1/2 cup of coffee (~8 Tbl.); the mill’s capacity is 7 Tbl. Easily adjustable grind settings ensures maximum flavor and consistent grind- the company even boasts that this grinder can reach the fine consistency needed for espresso that can only normally be achieved in a espresso machine’s built-in grinder. The mill is made of stainless steel, which gives this device more durability. Comes with a 5 year warranty.

2. ROK Coffee Grinder (normally $250, on sale currently for $175)

This manual coffee grinder is said to be on par with its electric counterparts, taking only 30 seconds to grind to any consistency (this is a considerable pro as the time and effort it takes to manually grind coffee beans is often the biggest complaint for the method). The non-slip ring allows for more control and safety so there is little risk of the machine sliding around or wobbling while grinding. And good news! This grinder is adjustable to make the grinding process easier for you lefties!

3. Handground Precision Coffee Grinder (normally $125, but currently on sale for $80)

With a total of 15 grind settings, this is a great manual grinder for the coffee drinker who doesn’t like being tied down to a single method; enjoy an espresso grade grind or a more coarse grind fit for a French press. Either way, this hand grinder can do it. Its easy-to-handle design allows for more stabilization while grinding; this stability is evident internally as well: the inner axle “is mounted on metal bushings in three locations to keep it stable while grinding and eliminate burr wobble”. Can be easily disassembled for easy cleaning.

With any luck, this article has convinced you to invest in a hand grinder if you aren’t using one already. There are more than decent ones available for any budget; if you consider yourself even an amateur coffee lover, then you owe it to yourself to give this method a try!

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