For those with proper music taste, finding great music requires some effort.  At the very least you need to find a handful of quality music curators, comb through their selections, click and save the songs you fancy.  It’s all still work and it’s summer and no one wants to do any more work than they need to.  Fortunately for us there’s Noon Pacific.

Curating from Newport Beach, California Clark Dinnison of Noon Pacific digs through music blogs, handpicking the songs we’ll hear, love, and want to share with our friends.  Delivering new playlists every Monday at Noon, finding great music has never been easier. With that, the latest playlist, sounds of Summer 16

By: Noon Pacific
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Many thanks to Clark Dinnison for partnering and curating this playlist!  Hope you enjoy!

For more great music, connect with Clark and discover new music @ Noon Pacific

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Photos By: Noon Pacific