A quality coffee maker is a home essential. But the Ninja Coffee Bar system is much more than a quality coffee maker.

A variety of brew types are perfected through the Ninja’s thermal flavor extraction technology system. This machine offers the ultimate experience in specialized filtered coffee.

The machine also provides convenience and flexibility. The Ninja Coffee Bar can brew anything from just one perfect cup of coffee to a full carafe.

Best of all, like the name says, this is a full coffee bar. With specialty brew types and a milk frother on most models, you can craft any kind of specialty coffee drink you desire.

The Ninja Coffee Bar System is not your average coffee maker. Here are 10 things that we think set the Ninja apart — read along to see if you think the Ninja might be right for you.

1. Custom Serving Sizes

Most drip coffee makers are designed to brew coffee in large amounts. The Ninja Coffee Bar can do this and more — you can brew your favorite coffee in your favorite roast for a group, or go for their single serve option.

This system gives you the kind of single cup convenience that the Keurig or other comparable coffee machines offer. But there’s one huge difference — the Ninja Coffee Bar is pod-free. This gives you the flexibility to use your favorite coffee, and it’s also a lot better for the environment.

Ninja Coffee Bars offer six possible serving size options: a cup, an XL cup, a travel mug, an XL multi-serve, a half-carafe, and a full carafe. There are models with glass carafes or a double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe that keeps your coffee hot for two hours.

Ninja Coffee Bar systems come in a variety of configurations with different serving sizes. Whatever your lifestyle, you’ll find a model that’s tailored to your needs.

2. Auto IQ for the Perfect Water Ratio

The Ninja Coffee Bar is equipped with auto-IQ one-touch intelligence technology. All you need to do is pick your favorite coffee brew and the serving size you would like.

Using the measuring scoop provided, you add the appropriate amount of coffee for your selected brew size to the brewing basket. But you don’t need to measure water. The auto IQ technology will automatically draw the right amount of water from the reservoir.

3. Time-Saving Features

Maybe you would like to walk into your kitchen in the morning and find great coffee already freshly brewed and ready to go. This intelligent coffee system has a 24-hour delay brew. The Ninja Coffee Bar can brew coffee exactly when you want it to.

Models that have a glass carafe also have a warming plate with an auto-shutoff. This will keep your coffee at the ideal drinking temperature for two hours.

The Ninja Coffee Bar even lets you know when it needs cleaning. A light turns on automatically when your coffee machine has excess calcium build-up.

4. Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology

Optimizing coffee’s flavor is what really sets the Ninja Coffee Bar system apart from the average coffee maker. It evenly saturates ground coffee, which is key for optimal flavor extraction. But other factors also affect flavor extraction. The Ninja uses these factors to bring coffee to its fullest potential.

This intelligent coffee machine understands how to maximize the flavor profile of each brew type. Nothing is left to chance. Thermal flavor extraction technology controls the bloom time, the level of saturation, and the water temperature. This means that each cup of coffee tastes exactly how you want it to taste.

Ninja Coffee Bar with filter out

5. Six Brew Types

Another thing that makes the Ninja Coffee Bar system so special is that it offers a wide selection of brews to suit every taste and every use. Through its thermal extraction technology, it has perfected these six different brews:

  • Classic Brew — Offering a smooth and balanced brew, this is what you want when you are looking for a great cup of classic coffee.
  • Rich Brew — This delivers a more intense flavor. This is a good choice for people who like their coffee strong. It also makes a brew that stands up well to milk.
  • Over Ice Brew — This makes a concentrated brew that’s perfect for brewing over ice, for a refreshing iced coffee that doesn’t taste watered-down. An over-ice carafe is an optional accessory for many models.
  • Cold Brew — Models from the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System also deliver a smooth and rich cold brew.
  • Specialty Brew — With an espresso-like strength, this brew is ideal for making specialty coffeehouse-style drinks without the need of a separate espresso machine.
  • Café Forte — This delicious signature brew is robust and lively. It’s ideal for people who want a full-bodied and complex coffee experience.

6. Be Your Own Barista

In addition to making a cup of coffee brewed exactly to your taste, the Ninja Coffee Bar system really is an at-home coffee bar. Most models come equipped with a built-in milk frother that can froth hot or cold milk. This machine will help you become an expert home barista making professional-looking specialty coffees in no time at all.

The specialty brew is strong enough to use for a variety of classic espresso-based specialty coffee drinks, like a latte macchiato or a gorgeous flat white. Using the rich brew or the café forte, you can make a classic café au lait. For something refreshing and exotic, you can make a delicious Thai iced coffee using the over ice brew.

A recipe book or inspiration guide is included with most models to help you sharpen your home barista skills and introduce you to new coffee drinks. You can also invent your own specialty coffee drinks tailored exactly to your tastes.

Ninja Coffee Bar product shot

7. Good to Look At, Simple to Use

Thanks to its handsome design, a Ninja Coffee Bar system looks great on the counter. It’s also very easy to fill and easy to clean.

Since the Ninja Coffee Bar has a one-touch intelligence system to select the right amount of water every time you brew coffee, you might want to just keep the water reservoir full all the time. The removable water reservoir is located on the side, making it easy to fill. It’s also clear, so you can see when the water level is getting low.

The brew basket is also easy to remove for cleaning. Refilling is simple — every Ninja coffee brewer has a measuring scoop for easy and precise re-filling.

Dishwasher safe parts make it easy to keep your machine gleaming.

8. Pod-Free and Paper-Free

The Ninja Coffee Bar is equipped with a permanent filter, so you don’t need a pod or paper filter. You just fill the reusable filter with your favorite coffee. Some coffee aficionados feel that a paper filter can absorb some of coffee’s aromas. This fine mesh reusable filter ensures a pure brew with a full flavor profile.

The reusable filter is not only economical — it also means fewer paper filters in landfills for a coffee experience you can feel good about.

Ninja Coffee Bar with paper filters

9. Wide Selection of Machines

Ninja Coffee Bar systems come in a variety of configurations, sizes, and prices depending on the features they offer, so you are sure to find one that is ideally suited to your needs. What they have in common is the all-important thermal flavor extraction technology.

If you don’t want all the coffee bar functions and just want excellent brewed coffee in small or large amounts, there is even a very modestly priced Ninja Coffee Brewer that offers just the classic and rich brews.

The new generation of Ninja coffee makers features a hot and cold brewed system. It offers nearly instant gratification. Rather than waiting hours, you will be able to enjoy the low-acid, rich smoothness of cold brew in just 10 to 15 minutes.

Ninja Coffee Bar with glass carafe

10. Multifunctional Yet Streamlined

With the Ninja Coffee Bar, you don’t need a kitchen counter full of specialized machines to have the choice of coffee drinks you want. This system offers a unique combination of convenience, variety, and quality. Best of all, it will have you drinking better coffee every day.

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