New Orleans, Louisiana. A city so nice everything is dashed in spice.

New Orleans is a city where you want to pick and choose your encounters carefully. Do you want to walk down Bourbon Street or Frenchmen Street. Grab dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company or Coop’s Place. Beignets or…well yes, get Beignet’s, always. Always get Beignets. All day. Every day. Sure, obviously these decisions aren’t difficult to make but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be in the know prior to being entranced and enthralled by the rollicking streets of the French Quarter.

New Orleans

Jackson Square in the French Quarter

For starters you’re going to want coffee, maybe need it if you were out too late the night before. We always want the coffee. You want a good cup? Of course you do, it’s why you’re here, it’s why you’re reading this. In the off chance if you haven’t ordered a bag as part of your monthly subscription from/with us that you’ve neatly packed in your personal carry on alongside your AeroPess and Chef’s Choice cordless electric glass kettle… we suggest you hoof it straight to Spitfire Coffee. Just a block away from Jackson Square, here’s some premium java you won’t hate climbing through crowds to get. Kenya, Costa Rica, El Salvador, they’re sure to always have a strong selection for you to pick your poison…ok bad word choice, for you to pick your favorite. They brew each batch to perfection, take it how you please, pour over, cappuccino, or to keep you from making dodo, shot of espresso. Whichever you choose, the barista’s there at Spitfire will get ya your fix to keep you flyin’ high.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling feisty for a cafe’ au lait and as many beignets as you can carry, because those things make you feel feisty, you probably already know where to go. On the opposite side of Jackson Square, plant yourself at a table at the original coffee stand on Decatur St., Café Du Monde. Go ahead and enjoy the delicious powdery pastries and prime people perusing.


French Quarter, New Orleans

French Quarter, New Orleans

Should you find yourself mid-city looking to fill up on perfection, Biscuits & Buns on Banks is where you’ll find heaven served on a ceramic plate by the NICEST people in New Orleans. What does their kindness have to do with it? Well, really not much because honestly we’d let them curse and scream in our face and or hoot and holler about our imperfections if it meant getting some of their delicious home cookin’. Yea, it’s that kinda good. Go. Take your friends, bring your family, or just bring yourself. Doesn’t really quite matter, after a meal there you’ll be you’ll be your own best friend and that’s all you need.

And when in NOLA, eat like the NOLA’NS! Jambalaya. Gumbo. To say anymore would be a waste of time, a waste of time being you reading this vs. putting the computer/phone/tablet/desktop/ipad whatever down and going straight to Coop’s Place. Just go. Go and taste the true flavor of New Orleans. Trust your waiter/waitress, if there’s something on the menu that’s off the menu, get that.