If you want to brew a great cup of coffee at home, you just can’t use pre-ground coffee. Freshness = flavor! But grinding your coffee every morning doesn’t have to be a chore—if you pick the right grinder!

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 best coffee grinders for all types of coffee-lovers. Get ready to brew your most flavorful cup yet!


#1. Baratza Encore – $169

Why the Baratza Encore?
***This is our #1 pick!

Highlights: Beginner-friendly, wide range of grind settings, quiet, durable

The Baratza Encore is a conical burr grinder, which means it produces an incredibly consistent grind—essential for achieving maximum flavor extraction!

With 40 settings, you can grind coffee for everything from espresso to cold brew. The hopper (container at the top) can handle up to 8 ounces of beans for those mornings when one cup isn’t going to cut it.

Also important for freshness is this machine’s focus on minimizing grounds stuck in the grinder—no more yesterday’s grounds in today’s cup!

“This grinds the coffee perfectly and evenly. We noticed a huge difference in the taste.”
– J. Hernandez

“The Baratza Encore is the perfect marriage of inexpensive price and superior function”
– Kenneth D.

“Two years later, no issues with the grinder after heavy use, probably 50+ lbs/year. Same as the day I bought it.” – Garrett

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#2. Ariete-DeLonghi Electric Coffee Grinder – $109

Why the Ariete-DeLonghi?
This is our favorite affordable option for at-home espresso enthusiasts!

Highlights: Affordable, works well for espresso grinds, easy to clean

This affordable conical burr grinder does surprisingly well with espresso grinds, but only offers 15 grind settings, meaning that you can’t fine tune your grind as you could with a pricier machine.

Choose how much to grind with the push of a button, and easily remove the hopper (container that holds the beans) for stress-free cleaning.

“This grinder does an excellent job and has straight forward settings, very fine to coarse, to grind coffee for espresso, cappuccino, drip grind etc… Very pleased with the results.” – Arvin

“Finally a found a burr grinder that gives me a uniform ultra fine and fine grind for a reasonable price.” – Vlad

“This grinder is amazing!!! I was worried because most of the grinders I found on here that seemed really good quality were over $400 but I took a chance on this one because I do not have an extra $400 just to drop on a coffee grinder. This was the perfect solution” – Liz

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#3. Baratza Virtuoso – $249

Why the Baratza Virtuoso?
This is our pick for semi-pro aficionado who’s ready to up their brew game!

Highlights: Outstanding consistency, intuitive, includes a timer, wide range of grind settings, durable

This conical burr grinder from Baratza goes above and beyond the ‘beginner Baratza’ to produce grinds found to be microscopically identical to those from a $2,500 machine!

With 40 grind settings and a timer function, it’s even easier to dial in your perfect grind, from espresso to french press and beyond, and grind the perfect amount every time.

“Overall, if you are looking for excellent quality and performance for a variety of brewing techniques . . . it is hard to find a grinder better than this one. Highly recommended, and worth the upgrade from the Encore if you can afford it and appreciate good coffee.” – Arun

“This unit creates a very uniform grind. The burr itself is extremely easy to remove and clean. Its very quiet . . .  Unit is heavy and feels well made. Coffee performance is excellent.” – Kobe T.

“A quality grinder, designed to remain serviceable for a lifetime.” – Mace

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#4.  Capresso Infinity – $99

Why the Capresso Infinity?
This is our favorite beginner-friendly grinder under $100!

Highlights: Affordable, easy to use, easy to clean, quiet

With only 16 grind settings, your options with this conical burr grinder are limited, but straightforward and effective: 4 distinct sections designate extra fine, fine, regular, and coarse grinds so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

A timer helps you control how much you grind, and the hopper (container for the beans) holds just under 9 ounces, which is more than enough for a pot to share.

This grinder is slower than pricier options, but it yields impressively consistent results for the price point!

“Produces a consistent even grind within the range we use (espresso to pour-over). It is quiet. It does not heat the beans. The burrs appear to be heavy steel of good quality . . . it is a good value for the price.” – Sydney H.

“This Capresso Infinity is my first burr grinder and it definitely surpasses both of my previous grinders, regarding the quality and variations of grinds and its ease of use.” – R.G.

“I’ve been using it daily to twice-daily for 10 years. It has been a great grinder for me . . . If something catastrophic were to happen tomorrow and I lost this grinder, I would immediately be back on Amazon to buy another.” – Scott R.

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#5. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder – $42

Why the JavaPresse?
We’ve found this to be the best bet for the traveling coffee-lover!

Highlights: Super portable, easy to use, easy to clean, perfect fit with the AeroPress, quiet

One of these things is not like the other! This handy little conical burr grinder is 100% manual, which means you can take it camping, on vacation, or even to the office! And since there’s no noisy motor, it’s significantly quieter than the grinders above.

Offering 18 precision grind settings, the JavaPresse can grind enough coffee for 1-2 cups—toss it in your backpack and embark on a caffeinated adventure!

“While it does take a full 1-2 minutes to grind an AeroPress scoop worth of beans, it requires very minimal effort; Built-in window is a nice add-on; Oddly enough, it fits perfectly into the hollow part of the Aeropress plunger for easy transportation!” – D. Totten

“What I wasn’t expecting, was the surprisingly satisfying CRUNCH of the beans being ground! The difference between the scream of the blade grinder and the soothing crunch of the JavaPresse is remarkable and QUITE enjoyable!” – R.S.

“Thoroughly pleased. EXCELLENT coffee…. easy to use… very easy to grind” – Ken

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All of these grinders are ideal in their own ways—but if you’re looking to exclusively brew espresso at home, we recommend a more specialty machine. Check out our Top 3 Coffee Grinders for Espresso-Lovers to find your perfect match!

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