Summer is here! That means traveling, vacation, outdoor activities!! Maybe you like hiking or camping, or you plan on taking a road trip. Either way, you’re gonna want coffee, right? We know we do.

No matter where you are- Paris, the woods, your kitchen- nothing beats starting your day with a great cup of coffee.

Here are the 4 best ways to brew coffee while traveling…

Cowboy Coffee_Atlas Coffee Club1. “John Wayne”  Style

(aka Cowboy Coffee – How to Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker)

This is said to be the way cowboys used to do it when they were camping out under the stars.

You simply fill any tall metal pitcher with water, dump your preferred amount of grounds in, put the pitcher on a grate over the fire, and wait. In about 5-10 minutes, you will have a piping hot cup of coffee.

If you want more protection against getting grounds in your coffee, try using a percolated pitcher. Or pour your coffee through a filter.

Even if you don’t choose this method, the pitcher or a cordless electric water kettle is pretty much a must if you want coffee on your adventures.

2. French Press

French Press_Atlas Coffee CultureLovers of the French Press, rejoice! There is one you can bring on your travels. No need to risk destroying the breakable one you use everyday!

For this method, you will need a way to heat up water to pour over the grounds and a coffee cup, but the rest of the process is pretty much the same! For information about how to brew the perfect cup of French Press coffee, check out this guide.

Brew Coffee While Traveling_Atlas Coffee Club3. Drip Coffee

There are several drip coffee devices fit for traveling and camping. Some are better for different situations than others.

If you are backpacking, then a camping coffeemaker probably isn’t the best choice; it is bulky and adds weight. However, if you are road tripping to your destination and weight is irrelevant, it might be worthy to bring if you love that feeling of pouring a steaming cup of coffee from a coffee pot.

Those looking to conserve space and weight might be more interested in a device that is collapsible or that fits on a travel mug and acts as a dripper. If the latter sounds like something you’d use, check out Atlas’ review of the Primula Single Serve Coffee Buddy.

Coffee While Traveling_Atlas Coffee Club4. Espresso

Don’t worry espresso-lovers, you weren’t forgotten. One of the best espresso makers for travel is made by Bialetti. It is large (makes about 6 cups) and easy to use- all you need is cold water (filtered water will provide a better tasting espresso), your favorite beans (ground coarsely), and a burner to heat the carafe over.

In less than 5 minutes, you will enjoy a rich frothy espresso!

Bon Voyage!

That wraps our guide on how to brew coffee while traveling. Now that your select method of caffeination is taken care of, you are ready to set out for the horizon- to go wherever the wind may take you! Or you know… the very set destination you’ve probably been planning for months. Either way, you’ll be caffeinated, and that’s all that matters.

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