As a startup employee and blogger, I enjoy plenty of hours lindsay-ashcraftwith my laptop at coffee shops. There’s something magical about the smell of roasted java beans and the mumbles of the crowd that somehow manage to heighten my focus and creativity. Whether it’s enjoying a fancy hand-crafted latte or just a good cup of coffee, I love frequenting different coffee shops around town. Here are five of my favorite spots to enjoy a cup around the cozy college town of Chico, Ca.

1. Naked Lounge
118 W 2nd St, Chico, CA 95928

With shimmering gold walls, vintage couches, and rotating mixed media art, Naked Lounge easily charms visitors into lounging for hours with its laid-back vibes. They’ve been a community staple for 15 years with college students, hipsters and locals who’ve been around long enough not to care what’s cool. Their house coffee is smooth with fruity notes and the baristas know how to craft espresso drinks to truly delight your taste buds. Their prices are a bit higher than other coffee shops, but the latte art makes up for it, right? That’s what I like to tell myself, anyway. They also offer kombucha on tap for those on a health kick.

Must try: Bowl of Soul, Homebrewer’s Mocha (seasonal)

2. Bidwell Perk
664 E 1st Ave Chico, CA 95926

This coffee shop is like Chico’s very own Central Perk, so it’s the perfect spot to meet up with friends and cozy up to a warm cup of joe. The delicious coffee is complemented with airy vibes that showcase exposed wood beams, a blue-sky mural and large glass light fixtures. It’s perfect for a relaxing afternoon or Sunday morning to enjoy tasty espresso with inventive flavor combinations. If the weather is nice, head to their patio which is shaded and dog-friendly – two of my favorite patio traits. Bonus: They now serve wine and beer in the evenings!

Must try:  Bidwell Blend, Iced Orange Vanilla Chai, Honey Cream Latte


3. Tin Roof Bakery and Cafe
627 Broadway St. Chico, CA 95928

I come for the croissant and stay for the coffee. Not only are their baked goods to die for and freshly-made each morning, but their coffee and teas are worth a refill as well. One of my favorite things about Tin Roof is how they work with local companies to ensure most of what you’re enjoying is usually sourced locally or made in-house. Their lunch hour is often bustling with business professionals popping in for a delicious sandwich on house-baked bread or a mid-day sweet treat, but it’s a great shop to stop by at any time. Word to the wise: their butter croissants are truly sent from heaven, so don’t miss out!

Must try: Lavender Latte, Almond Matcha Latte or Mocha and Peach Jasmine iced tea


4. Coffee Ranch
1288 E 1st Ave Chico, CA 95926

The customer service here is top notch with the sweetest baristas who are always quick to offer helpful suggestions or accommodations. This local spot regularly brews a different coffee blend each weekday, so it’s great for those who like to switch things up a little. Inside are community style tables hand-crafted from reclaimed wood for a rustic-meets-modern ambiance. There isn’t an ounce of pretention in this spot, which makes it all the easier to enjoy one of their specialty house-made lattes. They also have a drive-thru for commuters and a patio for those who wish to linger a little longer.

Must try: Brazil Bahia “Conquista” blend (served on Thursdays), Cinnabon Latte


5. Great Northern Coffee
434 Orange St Chico, CA 95928

Coffee on a train? Why not! This coffee shop is literally inside of a converted 1947 Pullman train car, with a uniquely colorful and vintage vibe (located right next door to the Chico Art Museum). There are plenty of outlets and free Wi-Fi, so it’s easy to get comfy in a corner and work away. Since it’s typically a quite spot to sip through an afternoon without being bothered, Great Northern Coffee is an ideal space for hustling through a project or just enjoying some quiet space. Plus, they make a perfect Aztec Mocha that’s just the right mix of spicy and sweet – so delicious!


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