Most java-loving people will settle for any vessel within reach to obtain their daily dose of caffeine…but that’s no fun. Who doesn’t appreciate a coffee mug that’s somehow related to their interests and/or lifestyle? Here’s a compiled list of some of the best mugs you can gift for different people (…or yourself). Whether it’s for a holiday, a joke or just because you’re thoughtful, every coffee mug here will make the coffee experience a more personal one.

The Best Coffee Mug Gifts – 2016


Coffee Mug Gifts

Image By: The Floating Mug Co.

The Neat-Freak:

Why worry about cleaning up before you’ve even finished your coffee?  Check out the very visually appealing AND coffee circle stain preventing Floating Mug by The Floating Mug Co. 

Price: $19.99


Coffee Mug Gifts

Image By: Ember

Tech Lover:

Everything is getting an upgrade! Phones, TVs, heck even your fridge probably have an iPad in it. It’s about time the coffee mug stepped it’s game up!  Behold the Ember coffee mug…the remote controlled coffee mug that keeps your liquid at a constant temperature, not too hot, not too cold…just right, until it’s gone 🙂

Price: $149.00




Coffee Mug Gifts

Best Coffee Mug Gifts


The Espresso Drinker:

Could this be the most elegant and stunning Espresso Cup and Saucer Gift Set?  Maybe.  Could it be the most expensive?  Most likely.  Would the recipient most definitely be happy with this gift?  Absolutely.

Behold the L’Objet Byzanteum Tri-Color Espresso Cup and Saucer Gift Box Set

Price: $2,460


Coffee Mug Gifts

Photo By: Fab

The Not-So-Morning Person:

I can think of about 12 people in my life that could definitely benefit from this mug. Check it out listed by our friends at Fab!

Price: $24



Coffee Gifts

Photo By: Julia Paul Pottery

Your Favorite Minimalist:

No handles, no problem.  Simple, subtle, and smart designs by Julia Paul Pottery! Pottery is always a nice touch.

Price: Sorry! This item has been sold out. Stay tuned!



Coffee Gifts

Photo By: Cath Kinston


The Book Lover:

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” And a morning without coffee is like a day without energy?!?

We love Cath Kinston’s Story Books Grace Mug

Price: $11




Coffee Gifts

Photo By: Pantone Universe

The Artist / Creative:

Check out these wonderfully brilliant Pantone Universe coffee mugs!  TIP: This would make for a fun collection idea for artists – obtain the Pantone Color of the Year mug annually!

Price: $25





Photo By: Mister Mugs

Photo By: MisterMugs

The Musician: 

You know they say when words fail, music speaks… I feel strangely connected to that very thought in the mornings – when I fail, coffee talks… And if that fails, just play the Beatles and quote John Lennon… Check out this awesome Beatle’s themed coffee mug by MisterMugs!

Price: $9.99




Coffee Mug

Photo By: Jennifer Creighton

The Coffee Person That Has Everything: 

Wonderfully designed, one of a kind, and very beautiful coffee mug and pour-over to match. The talented Jennifer Creighton has put together a winning combination for the coffee person in your life that already has, well, everything else…

Price: $64




Coffee Mug Gifts

Photo By: Anthropologie

People that Prefer Personalization:

Oh yes, when all else fails and you don’t know what to get someone…simple, get them something they already have – just personalize it 🙂 Anthropologie makes it easy!

Price: $8


Have any other suggestions or favorites?  Anyone we missed?
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