There’s no denying social media has its drawbacks. Being heads down and eyes locked on devices all day doesn’t necessarily bode well for social interaction. I’m not an advocate for missing the world around you by watching everyone else’s lives on your own screen  but I will say that platforms like Instagram and Twitter  can provide an upside. They both serve as a limitless conduit to connect with people through this ever growing e-community. For instance we crossed paths with Devin McGovern, creator of Outlined Cloth, through Instagram.

Devin’s made his way from Colorado to California growing an online presence and community designed to curate and promote a passion of his, fashion. More than polishing a proper personal brand, Devin has forged relationships with some of his favorite designers and creators. All through, yeahuh, social media.. Our Q&A with Devin…


Photo Cred: Outlined Cloth

What is Outlined Cloth? 
Outlined Cloth is a men’s fashion and style brand committed to connecting with brands and fashion enthusiasts alike. The focus is on casual Americana menswear.

My style philosophy is fashionable and functional. I like goods that look good but can be put to their test without falling apart. Because rarely do I just sit in an office chair all day, I need clothes that can move with me and withstand.

What were you doing before Outlined Cloth? How did Outlined Cloth come about?
I have been producing reality television for the past 5 years and still do. I have worked on various shows for WWE, Red Bull, and the show Bar Rescue.

Outlined Cloth started two years ago and came about from my love for fashion which dates all the way back to my childhood days in Colorado. Prior to Outlined Cloth I had been sharing fashion insights on a very sporadic basis on my personal Instagram account as a way of expressing and sharing my style tips. I had read about fashion bloggers making a business out of the very same thing I was doing as a hobby. With some encouragement from a friend in the fashion business I created a new account entirely dedicated to styling advice and proper photography, Outlined Cloth.

The Hollywood Sign

Photo Cred: Outlined Cloth

With great story telling you have your key parts, characters, conflict, etc. Any parallels to curating Outlined Cloth?

Outlined Cloth was derived from me telling stories for a living. Each of us has our own unique story in life and the wardrobe we put on each day is a key part to sharing that with the world.


Photo Cred: Outlined Cloth

You’ve built an incredible social media community. What do people seem to engage with most? 

I think you hit the nail on the head by saying social media community. That is exactly what this has become, a community of people with a common interest that just so happens to be menswear. I’ve met Doctors, web-developers, financiers, bartenders, salesmen, you name it, we come from all walks of life from all ends of the country all because of our shared interest.

Suggestions for someone looking to grow their own Instagram community?

Find an area you are passionate about, be it fashion, travel, food, whatever you love and be consistent, engage with your followers.

What do you like most about the community Outlined Cloth has grown?
I love the connection with brands and fellow fashion lovers. I have made some great friendships since I have started this journey and look forward to meeting new people and building withstanding relationships.


Photo Cred: Outlined Cloth

Top 5 tips for someone looking to develop their personal style?
1. Find a style that fits your personality and stick with it. It’s ok to vary a little, but find something whether it be streetwear, preppy or Americana…find what works for you.
2. Buy clothes that fit. For years men have worn baggy, loose fitting clothes and it looks sloppy. If you think this might be your problem then size down from what you would normally buy and you’ll be surprised. Proper fitting clothes can turn a casual look into a polished one.
3. Buy quality goods, even if it means buying less. Well-made and higher quality will last longer than cheap and fast fashion goods.
4. Learn from others, whether it be from magazines or Instagram accounts. See how people style different items and give it a try.
5. Don’t be afraid to try something new or bold. A new hat, a pair of slacks or a funky sweater, wear it with confidence and it will look good on you.


The scoop on your favorite brands?
One of my favorite brands right now, one for their amazing customer service and two for the products they produce is California based, Freenote Cloth. Also a big fan of Norman Russell and Railcar Fine Goods. They both focus on denim and great shirting. Some of my other favorites are more specialized, socks from Richer Poorer,  American Trench, and leather goods from Slightly Alabama.

Some of my favorite shops that carry these brands: North Menswear in Laguna, Lone Flag in San Diego and General Quarters in Los Angeles.


Photo Cred: Outlined Cloth

If you like menswear, personal branding, travel and or have an interest in growing your own social community stay tuned as Devin rolls out a new series of collaborative videos featuring his favorite brands and members from the community.

Get connected! For more advice on menswear and personal style, there’s the link to Devin’s website. For his Instagram: Outlined Cloth and of course Twitter: Outlined Cloth’s Tweets.



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