People prepare, prepare to be delighted. Goodness reigns supreme and in Austin it’s spelled G-O-U-R-D-O-U-G-H-S as in Gourdough’s Donuts.

When we were charting out our cross-country road trip we had a few things top of mind, 1.) Share the world of coffee 2.) Make it to Austin 3.) Eat all of the doughnuts. Ok, the whole “eating all of the doughnuts” thing was more so my mission (Jordan Rosenacker) than Atlas’ but Gourdough’s is a hometown favorite and it was and still is incredibly important to us to work with local businesses. It just so happens that they coincidently serve up some of THE BEST doughnuts in all the land.

Its no wonder why Gourdoughs is so successful. They have the best of both worlds from their food to their service; they bring savory and sweet to life in a tasty perfection. Take a look at their menu, if you can make it from top to bottom without wiping away saliva from your mouth more so than Pavlov’s dog upon hearing that bell ring than you REALLY need to experience what good food tastes like, cause this is it, people. Their kitchen leader Kristen Penland marries sugary and salty together in an honest romantic bond your taste buds will dance their pants off more so than your Aunt Karen at a wedding reception when Shout by The Isley Brothers comes on. And what about their service is savory and sweet? Show up. Feel welcomed. Enjoy the witty humor. Find out.

We couldn’t have been more elated to partner with their team for a lovely Sunday. We set up our pop-up coffee shop at their Public House on S. Llamar and served up our Costa Rican and Ethiopian batches accompanied with some dangerously tasty doughnut holes. A winning combination pleasing both coffee and foodie lovers.

Our day with Gourdoughs provided the perfect stage for us to share our story and love for the honest taste profiles of coffee unique to each region. There’s a lot of great coffee out there, we want to help you find your favorite. In tangent, there’s a lot of great doughnuts out there, we just found ours.

It’s good to see the good guys win and Gourdough’s is certainly one of them. Cheers to Gourdoughs, cheers to the good guys, and cheers to one of the greatest cities with some of the greatest people. In the voice of Wayne Campbell, we’ll be back, oh yes, we’ll be back.