Above Album Art By: Jason Matheny

Jason Matheny popped onto our radar with his popular Instagram account that featured a new spin on an old logo each day.  Under the handle @365Logos and pulling inspiration from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, Jason created new logos inspired by fictional companies and pop culture.  We sat down to chat about his creative inspiration and his album art work for Walk the Moon…

So give us the Movie Trailer introduction to Jason Matheny! Who you are and what you’re up to…
Born, raised & living in Cincinnati, OH, I’m a graphic designer and currently typing to you from a train in between Paris & Amsterdam. I like to think that my intro would be more in the vein of Twilight Zone: “You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension…”. I am a huge fan of revisiting genres of old & repurposing them in a new way. Overall, when it comes to designing, I try to let meaning drive everything.

365 Logos Jason Matheny

Photo By: Sarah Kramer

Who would narrate the Jason Matheny movie and what would the title be?
I think I would need to have multiple narrators. First I guess would be Rod Sterling, but I only want him to do my intro. It would be an honor to have Bryan Cranston narrate the rest.

Tell us about 365 Logos…what started it – what was it – what came of it…
365 Logos was inspired by a video released by Portland design legend Aaron Draplin, wherein he walks the viewer through his logo design process. At the time, I was transitioning through career interests, and logo design was important to me but was also a world in which I didn’t have vast experience. Seeing that video sort of flipped a switch in my mind & helped me realize that with the way I work, it’s more important for me to work smarter & not harder. And if nothing else, I figured it would be a great creative exercise & portfolio-builder. I made it public on Instagram, basically to raise the stakes for myself. Knew I wouldn’t want to jump ship if people were along for the ride. And it worked!


Jason Mathney

Walk The Moon Album Art By: Jason Matheny

And what about your album art and posters? Do you design a reflection of the artist? Or do you go rogue and pull from external inspiration to pair with a vision? What’s the process…
Posters & album artwork are both a fusion of what the artist represents as well as my own vision. Most times I get approached for a project like that, a mood is established and I’m free to build on that in my own way.

What’s been the hardest part of building a career / company in design?
Any time you venture out on your own, there are a lot of little challenges that make themselves known along the way. The biggest challenge in my opinion is legitimizing yourself to your hopeful clients. Over the past few years I’ve been focusing on building out my portfolio– whether that’s amount of projects or fine-tuning my own style– in hopes of having larger appeal down the road. There are a lot of capable designers out there, so you have to become used to getting turned down for projects. But as long as you are constantly learning from those experiences, you’ll grow. Everything is important.

Jason 365 Logos

Jason Matheny, Photo by: Jamie Allender

Is there anything you wish more people knew about your company and or design in general AND OR just anything in general – i.e. I wish more people would chill the f out and love more.
I really wish people would chill the f’ out and love more, and I think right now is an important time to really keep that in mind.

Art By: Jason Matheny

Any shining moments to date? Any points in time when you’ve been like – “YOWZA BABY, this is money honey!?”
Any time I can work with Walk the Moon, I find it challenging to put down my laptop & clock out. Their music has inspired me since 2011 & we’ve been collaborators since I was getting my design bearings in back in college, so it’s always a blast getting back together with them.

If you could have coffee with any 5 people – who would they be?!
Great question. Tough to narrow down, so I’m gonna bend the rules and count a pair of brothers as one…1.) Pharrell  2.)Lin-Manuel Miranda  3.) Scott & Seth Avett  4.) Oprah  5.) John Lennon

So what’s next for Jason Matheny?
Honestly I’m just along for the ride at this point! I have a number of freelance projects & a full-time design gig at Gravity, as well as a handful of my own personal projects…so I’m really just trying to take in as many experiences as I can.

365 Logos By: Jason Matheny

365 Logos By: Jason Matheny

For more of Jason’s album art, merchandise, and graphic design, check out his website, JRMatheny!