It’s Holiday Season, friends!  The most wonderful time of year where we get to enjoy quality time with our families, wild nights with our friends, and according to a Prevention x Consumer Reports National Study, stress out a whole bunch about waiting in long lines and buying gifts…

Well, we’re here to help folks! We put together a gift guide so fun and creative it won’t look like you got that special someone a gift from, you know, a gift guide.
This is your Ultimate Gift Guide selects for 2016!

ART: Museum Memberships

MoMA The Ultimate Gift Guide

Photo Courtesy of the MoMA

A membership to a local museum is one of my favorite gifts to give AND OR receive.  It’s a smart and sure bet for the creative, cultured, or worldly person in your life and it’s easy to get!

Find a local museum and get that person an annual membership and you’re done.  It goes to a good cause and there’s always new exhibits in rotation so gift never gets old.

My Favorites 🎨: MoMA, The MET, Art Institute of Chicago, Contemporary Arts Center, Cleveland Museum of Art, Detroit Institute of Art


EDUCATION: Continuing Passions

Continuing education is a beautiful thing!  If you know someone with a hobby, passion, or motivation, odds are they’d love a class in it!  What better gift than the gift of enlightened discovery and pursuing passions?! Looking for ideas? Try…

Jordan Hamons Cooking Classes

Photo Courtesy of Jordan Hamons

Cooking Classes – Contact a local company or hometown chef, our favorite is Jordan Hamons in Cincinnati, OH!

Art Classes – Practice makes perfect!

Dance Lessons – I’m a sucker for the classics. Learning a thing or two from the classic Fred Astaire Dance Studios will never go out of style.

Yoga Classes – Grab a pass for a class (or many) to a local Yoga studio! Good for the person that seeks relaxation, flexibility, health, wealth, and mindfulness…

Rosetta Stone –  This is another favorite gift option! Give of the gift of language, culture, travel, and education all in one.

Udemy – reinventing education, Udemy offers over 40,000 courses that you can sign up for and learn at your own pace!

Note 💪🏻: Be careful if you’re gifting fitness classes, make sure they don’t get offended…if you think there’s a chance they might get offended, don’t get it 🙂

MUSIC: Vinyle Me, Please

You’ve gifted subscriptions to Spotify, bought concert tickets, and most likely some of those Beatles themed Salt & Pepper shakers.  Fortunately for you and for them, there’s now Vinyl Me, Please,  the ultimate music discovery service!

Photo Courtesy of Vinyl Me, Please

This is more than just a perfectly curated record-of-the-month club, it’s a way of life! Each month the recipient receives:

  • An incredible new album
  • 12” x 12” album-inspired art print
  • Custom cocktail pairing recipe
  • Access to monthly events and limited-edition pressings of other incredibly and timeless releases through our Members Store

“For us, music isn’t just something we listen to, it’s a part of us. Each month we feature one album, work with the artist and label on a custom pressing with exclusive features available only to Vinyl MePlease.” – Matt Fiedler, CEO & Co-Founder, Vinyl Me, Please.

For the best Record of the Month Club, check out Vinyl Me, Please 🎵

CHOCOLATE: YES, Chocolate.


Photo Courtesy of Christopher Elbow

Because you know chocolate deserves it’s own category! The delicious, rich, sweet, smooth, mouth-watering, cocoa, that instantly improves moods and ignites senses worldwide is available for all and it’s beautiful!

There’s a lot of chocolate options out there, here’s our favorites: Izard Chocolate, Chococurb (a chocolate of the month club, yes please), Endangered Species Chocolate, & Christopher Elbow Chocolates!

Because you can never have too much delicious chocolate 🍫…

TRAVEL: What a Gift Luggage Is!


Photo Courtesy of AWAY

We’re obsessed with our new luggage from AWAY and we’re not the only ones!

Luggage for the modern day adventurer, AWAY’s luggage has a built-in battery that can charge any USB device only the go and has the option to customize your luggage with a unique artist monogram option!


Get yours before your next trip ✈️!

CUSTOMIZE: Picture Perfect

The Ultimate Gift Guide 2016

Photo Courtesy of frameshop USA

Frame something special! Recently find some cool art? Have some cherished postcards laying around? Maybe you have an old diploma in the drawer? Take it to your local frame shop and make it more meaningful with some personalization!

One of my favorite custom frame shops is frameshop USA in Cincinnati, OH.  They do an absolute superb job of creatively pairing frames with content with an incredible attention to detail every project is artfully done and handled with care.

They made an emoji just for frameshop 🖼!

ACCESSORIES: Proper Headphones

Ultimate Gift Guide

Photo Courtesy of Bose

A nice pair of proper headphones isn’t something we typically buy for ourselves but I’ll tell you what, a nice pair of Headphones is a game changer.

On your walk to work, a phone call in the grocery store, or getting fit in the gym, a proper pair of Bose headphones makes a big difference – from the sound quality to the staying power of their in-ear-fit, Bose has made the best pair of headphones out today.

Check out a pair here, gift it or get it, you’ll want your own pair…🎶


Atlas Coffee Club Ultimate Coffee Gift GuideFor the coffee lover in your life, we have the perfect coffee gift subscriptions!

With 3, 6, and 12 month coffee gift options we offer a world tour of amazing coffee, highlighting the unique differences in both taste and culture.

Sharing coffee from a new country each month we deliver only the finest coffee, roasted fresh, and made to order. From Ethiopia, to Burundi, to Congo, and beyond, a gift subscription is the ultimate opportunity for coffee discovery!

Travel the world of coffee with Atlas Coffee Club ☕!

FOR THE TRAVELER: Portable Phone Charger

Photo Courtesy of Unu

For the person that’s always on the go, gift them portable power. We love the Unu Tour Battery Pack. It takes 1 hour and 35 minutes to fully charge and adds 50 hours of extra talk time, 45 hours of extra web browsing, 150 hours of music playback, and 45 hours of video playback.  To learn more about the Tech & Specs of this little power-pack check out Unu’s website – here.

Because no one is happy when their phone dies. 📵


We’ll be updating our gift guide as we get into the heat of the Holidays so stick around and keep in touch!  If you have any suggestions or recommendations to add to the list let me know!