Charleston, South Carolina. A good cup of coffee in great company.

Passing down the cobblestone streets in  Charleston imbue in one a sense of responsibility to be patient, hospitable, and kind. Our waking hours we spent exploring all that Charleston had to offer. From each promising sunrise to unbelievably beautiful sunset we wandered up and down the streets of Meeting, East Bay, Church, and King lost in the history, architecture, and emotion of the city.

 Pineapple FountainTucked under the shade at the Waterfront Park we were welcomed to Charleston by a cool breeze coming off of the salt-water marshes. Beneath South Carolina’s recognizable palm trees we brewed up our Costa Rican and Ethiopian coffee for the passerby’s. Alongside the pineapple fountain, which coincidently is a motif symbolizing hospitality, we did our best to match. An afternoon in the park sharing the world of coffee turned out to serve as the perfect conduit for us to step into the world of tourists, sightseers, students and Charlestonians. What’s better than a good cup of coffee? A good cup of coffee with great company. It’s always refreshing to put the phone down, disable wifi, and connect with strangers. Sharing a cup of coffee is a great way to bridge that gap, between the digital world we live in and the actual world we live in.


Charleston Homes
 In the ACTUAL world we live in we found each moment in Charleston adding layer after layer of charm. For breakfast we stopped by The Daily, a coffee & café on King Street serving Stumptown, cold-pressed juices, sandwiches and pastries. It’s energizing to see a coffee shop so excited to be brewing quality. As the only vendor in Charleston serving Stumptown they’re more than excited, they’re proud. And rightfully so, Stumptown is absolutely fantastic and The Daily is brewing it justice. Along with offering proper endless cups of Hairbender they have sandwiches that, well, we wish were bottomless too. One and done with their Sausage, Biscuit, and Grape Jam ain’t possible when food like this taste that great.


Still craving deliciousousness we popped into Butcher & Bee, steps away from The Daily. Recently recognized by Eater as one of the essential Charleston restaurants; we put that claim to the test by eating as many sandwiches as possible. Their menu changes per local supply. Now you have an excuse to go 7 days a week.


Charleston, South Carolina
Experience what Southern Comfort means in one sitting at Jestine’s Kitchen. Crispy pecan crusted fried yet still juicy and delicious chicken, savory collard greens, and creamy mac & cheese, all served by a kind and generous soul. Jestine’s Kitchen is the epitome of home cooking’, southern hospitality, and food worth waiting in line for.
Charleston has it’s history with coffee, presently making bold moves to build a culture of #coffeelove. Congrats to Counter Culture opening their training center here in late July (cue Late July by Shakey Graves). With world class educators armed with state of the art equipment t’s the proper hub for education, training and taste exploration. Notable mention to Black Tap coffee, serving a delicious cup with a great rotating selection of premium roasts.


Cheers, Charleston.


    Charleston, South CarolinaCobblestone CheersCharleston, South Carolina