There’s no shortage of great coffee shops in Austin, TX. Jo’s, Houndstooth, Cuvée Coffee, Vintage Heart Coffee, Texas Coffee Traders…the list grows and we like that. We like that a lot.

If you’re looking for more than just a boost to pick up the pace and need a space to work / settle in / generate greatness we’ve got you covered. Here’s five coffee shops in Austin to tackle objectives…

Finish A Thought…

Photo Cred: Google - Cafe Medici

WHO: Café Medici

The comfortable wavy flow of Cafe Medici in Clarkesville provides just enough quietness for proper brain space to focus while serving just enough activity to keep you from getting bored or trapped in contemplation.

The coffee is great, the staff is kind, and the space is clean. Go perch up outside on the patio and rest your lap-top or notebook on the banister. You’ll have the perfect balance of action brushing by and tranquil stillness to bring your story, project, or thought to a wonderful conclusion.

WHERE: Café Medici is located at: 1101 West Lynn, Austin, TX 78703.

Build A Plan…

Photo Cred: Google - Austin Java

WHO: Austin Java

Building a plan? Empire? Enterprise? Make your way to the back of Austin Java on Parkway. The industrial’ish closed in patio has what you want to build a plan. Open tables for gathering, blasting A/C to keep you sharp, and a well-lit stage to subconsciously fuel your creative juices. My favorite time to go is right after lunch rush around 3PM, there’s nobody back there which gives you the privacy to brainstorm out loud, sing your songs, talk to yourself, and or do your best Pauly Shore impression when you’re feeling like your brain needs a break. Work up an appetite or have an insatiable thirst for endless coffee? No problem. Shuffle right in for a full kitchen feast or keep the engine running with bottomless coffee for under $3.

WHERE: Austin Java is located on: 1206 Parkway, Austin, TX 78703.

Study, Read, Get Carried Away…

Photo Cred: Google - Mozart’s Coffee Roasters 

WHO: Mozart’s Coffee Roasters.

Maybe it’s runoff from the name or maybe it’s the fact that this open space is tucked away along Lake Austin, there’s something about Motzart’s that makes it easy to get washed away intellectual thought.

Soothe your way into a good book. Focus on scholarly development. Get carried away in wonder. Whatever your jam, here’s the spot to do it. Go order some Grog and do intellectual things.

WHERE: Mozart’s is located at: 3825 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin, TX 78703

Fire It Up…

Photo Cred: Google - Summermoon

WHO: Summermoon.

Thoughts in a foggy place? Lackluster and dreary headspace? Seek Summermoon.  There’s something so grounding about their wood-fired roasted coffee. It’s like tasting the invigorating view of the mountains. There’s something really special about that. Like really? I just compared it to seeing the mountains; you can’t just make that up. Their coffee is good. Get some. There’s not too much going on with the physical space there but the flavor of their java outdoes any lack there of when seeking a robust mental awakening.

WHERE: Summermoon is located at: 3115 S 1st St 1 B, Austin, TX 78704

Go Nuts, I mean…get creative…

Photo Cred: Google - Spider House Cafe

WHO: Spider House Café

Housing a collection of creaky floorboards, dusty corners, eccentric art, and an atmosphere with personality thick like fog since…1998?

When faced with a creative task, pursuing inspiration, or looking for a transition in your artistic endeavor go be one in the web at Spider House. Let your coffee order turn into a beer, have a seat and order something to eat, relax and let the powerful, creative, magical Spider House Café forces steer.

Sound weird? Good. Weird is what you need. It’s where you need to be. It’s the best thing. It’s the only thing.

WHERE: Spider House Café is located at: 2908 Fruth St, Austin, TX 78705

By: Jordan Rosenacker

About The Author

Jordan Rosenacker

Jordan Rosenacker is a writer, musician, and creative director based in Austin, TX. All of his great ideas begin with coffee. All of them. ​Catch him live ​@JDRosenacker