As an espresso-lover, you already know that a fine, fluffy, precise grind is essential to achieving a demitasse full of perfection. But not all coffee grinders are designed with espresso in mind—that’s why we’ve put together this list of our 3 favorite espresso grinders for the at-home barista.

Top 3 Coffee Grinders for Espresso-Lovers

#1. Baratza Sette 30 – $249

For the aspiring barista. This is the perfect entry-level grinder for the espresso-devotee who’s ready to fine-tune their grind like a pro.

Equipped with a burr grinding mechanism specifically tuned for espresso, this grinder also offers grind settings appropriate for an AeroPress or pour-over brew. The backlit LCD display offers a timer for precise ‘dosing,’ and adjustable arms accommodate the included low-static bin, as well as a variety of brew devices.

“If you’re just trying to talk yourself into upgrading from a blade grinder – this is the grinder to get. It’s easy to use, fast, consistent, relatively quiet, and looks good on the counter top. It’s also a great time saver.” – L. Rimar

“No better power grinder for the money, and made espresso a much quicker process” – Marlin Rich

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#2. Baratza Sette 270 – $399

For the espresso perfectionist. This is the sophisticated older sister of the Sette 30. This, too, has 30 grind settings, but there are 9 micro-adjustments available for each setting, meaning you can dial in your perfect grind much more precisely with this machine.

Another upgrade comes in the burr casing, which is made of resilient, static-free metal instead of the plastic burr casing used in the Sette 30. This model also offers up to 3 programmable timed presets, so you don’t have to keep track of all your dialed-in ‘doses.’

“I am not sure how I lived without this thing! . . . The grind is insanely consistent and on my very first shot pulled with the ground I noticed an immediate improvement.” – James

“The grind times are very consistent to the point that you can dial it in and have it grind within a few tenths of a gram every time. This is great for those that don’t have time to weigh their coffee grounds before brewing.” – Jared C.

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#3. Nuova Simonelli Grinta – $333

For the semi-pro. This powerhouse can handle up to 8 lbs of coffee in an hour! Even if you aren’t planning to caffeinate a village, that’s a good sign—this thing is built to last.

Highly adjustable but always intuitive, this machine offers manual macro and micro settings, so you always know exactly what grind you’re going to get.

“I have been using the Grinta for 5 years now and find this grinder satisfactory at this price point. It is very easy to use and its basic system makes it reliable and long lasting.” – Alexandre

“No nonsense, very simple to use. It’s like Apple made it.” – John O.

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Bonus: An Affordable Alternative

Want a coffee grinder that works well for espresso but don’t want to break the bank? You’re not out of luck—we have an affordable recommendation that will get the job done!

Ariete -Delonghi Electric Coffee Grinder – $100

For the budget-conscious. This affordable option does surprisingly well with espresso grinds, but only offers 15 grind settings, meaning that you can’t fine tune your grind as you could with a pricier machine.

Choose how much to grind with the push of a button, and easily remove the hopper (container that holds the beans) for stress-free cleaning.

“This grinder does an excellent job and has straight forward settings, very fine to coarse, to grind coffee for espresso, cappuccino, drip grind etc… Very pleased with the results.” – Arvin

“This grinder is amazing!!! I was worried because most of the grinders I found on here that seemed really good quality were over $400 but I took a chance on this one because I do not have an extra $400 just to drop on a coffee grinder. This was the perfect solution” – Liz

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