Want to brew better coffee at home but not sure where to start? We’ve put together the ultimate guide to brew gear to help you find your perfect brew method(s)!


The Coffee Tour Guide Quick Sip

Light roast lover?
The Kalita Wave is easy to use and extracts the full range of specialty coffee’s complex flavors!

Medium roast fan?
The AeroPress will brew a rich, full bodied cup with nuance

Dark roast forever?
The classic French Press is perfect for a smooth but bold brew


#1.  AeroPress – $30

Why the AeroPress?
We’ve found this to be the best way to brew an easy and delicious single cup of coffee!

Makes: 1 cup
Time to Brew: 4 minutes
Pros: Super portable, good for all roasts, easy to clean, easy to use, includes filters!
Cons: Only makes one serving at a time (though this can also be a great pro if you want just one cup!)

“I worked at a coffee shop for over five years and was a finalist in a number of regional barista competitions from California to Missouri . . . With this brewer, I have made some of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had.” – Justin Scott

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#2. Kalita Wave – $28

Why the Kalita Wave?
We love that this brew method allows us to taste the full range of complex coffee flavors!

Makes: 3-4 cups
Time to Brew: 4 minutes
Pros: Great for flavor extraction, consistent results, easy to clean
Cons: Best results require a scale (we recommend this one)

“I love this dripper . . .  the results have been excellent. I’m getting the aroma and flavor from the beans into the cup without much effort.”  – James O.

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#3. French Press – $28

Why the French Press?
We use our French Press to relish a dark roast brew!

Makes: 3-4 cups
Time to Brew: 4 minutes
Pros: Environmentally friendly (no filters), great for darker roasts, sturdy construction, easy to clean
Cons: Not best for lighter roasts

“Quite possibly the most delicious cup of coffee I’ve ever made! . . . I like dark coffee and I like it strong. This press makes such wonderful coffee, wonderful mellow dark coffee flavor, not at all bitter.” – Tiffany D.

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#4. Clever Coffee Dripper – $26

Why the Clever Coffee Dripper?
This is our favorite hands-off brewer for beginners!

Makes: 1-2 cups
Time to Brew: 4 minutes
Pros: User-friendly, great for darker roasts, mess-free, easy to clean
Cons: Only makes one serving at a time ((this can also be a pro if you want one cup!)

“Well built and is easy to clean . . . French press taste with pour over convenience!” – Chris B.

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#5. Chemex – $37

Why the Chemex?
We’ve found that this is the best bet for a smooth cup with great flavor extraction!

Makes: 3-10 cups
Time to Brew: 4 minutes
Pros: Great for flavor extraction, a smooth brew, and multiple servings
Cons: Requires a bit more attention while brewing (which can be part of the fun!)

“The smoothest coffee I’ve brewed is with a Chemex brewer and its awesome paper filter. You can distinctively taste the Region where it is from . . .  It comes off a bit less bitter than the regular pour-over, but believe me it keeps its coffee taste!” – Michelle C.

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#6. Siphon – $84

Why the Siphon?
This is our favorite way to fully control water temperature and steeping time!

Makes: 5 cups
Time to Brew: 5-10 minutes
Pros: Ability to control temperature throughout the brew process, great for all roasts, dramatic and impressive design
Cons: Delicate construction

“The smooth, flavorful coffee the siphon produces is delicious. I’ve added it to my laboratory of coffee-making appliances! Super impressive watching it brew coffee.” – John B.

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#7. Bonavita Drip Machine – $93

Why the Bonavita Drip Machine?
This is our favorite marriage of convenience and quality!

Makes: 8 cups
Time to Brew: 5 minutes
Pros: One-touch brewing, dishwasher safe components, pre-infusion (“blooming”) feature
Cons: Lack of control over temperature and brew speed, doesn’t bring out the nuanced flavors of specialty coffee

“The Bonavita is extremely simple and easy to use. The entire design of the Bonavita makes life easier . . .  the coffee tastes excellent. It is very robust, very tasty, and extremely hot.”
– Stephen B.

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**BONUS: For Espresso-Lovers**

Want a gadget that can handle a cuppa joe and a demitasse of espresso with ease? The AeroPress is your best friend! Check out our guide to making espresso without an espresso maker for instructions and tips!

The Takeaway

All in all, we highly recommend the AeroPress, Kalita Wave, and French Press. It’s not unusual for coffee-lovers to own and regularly use all three!

Each will take your brewing to new levels, from delivering a more developed taste profile to customizing your perfect serving size and number of servings.

The AeroPress is your best bet for a quick cup before your commute to work (or even an easy cup at work!), and the Kalita and French Press are both perfect for your weekend mornings, especially if you have coffee-loving guests!

Please note that the Chemex, Clever Coffee Dripper, and Kalita Wave will require filters. The Clever Coffee Dripper and Kalita Wave will also require a receptacle to use for brewing (a small pitcher/carafe or your favorite mug, depending on how much you brew).

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