The personality of Marfa, Texas…

Grass and gravel roads yet to be charted by Google Maps.
Cozy coffee shops tucked behind intimidating fenced in courtyards.
Well-manicured art studios hugging rubble and remains.
Preserved Airstreams suffocated by years of wildly grown, strange invading weeds.
Directionless and rifting stares from locals who somehow still put off a vibe of genuine interest in visitors’ well being.
Stunning sunsets followed by overwhelming pitch-dark skies.

And of course, a Prada Store in the middle of the desert.

Wrong Marfa

It’s that kind of town. The kind of place the universe likes to show off and play around. Clean lines dividing endless country and a community. A town so small it could fit in a New York City apartment complex. Engulfed with nature’s emptiness this town has a strong authority and it’s fun as heck to be a part of that.

We like that. We like that a lot. And we really like how the universe showed off a bit with its  uncanny character when we were there. Prior to Marfa wespent a week in Austin, Texas. 7 hours later, 421 miles from Austin, during a 15-minute intersection of time appreciating the Elmgreen and Dragset Prada Sculpture we crossed paths with some writers & photographers.

Marfa Book Co.

Striking up a convo, 30 seconds later we realized: 1.) we met in Austin, 2.) coincidently have already been following each other on Instagram, and 3.) are both all about that coffee community. The odds. Great folks with a fine motto, “community over competition.” We couldn’t agree more! How refreshing to see a group of successful and talented ladies living this notion. Their talents vary from creative writing, to top-notch crafts, to photography to quality knitwear: Writes Like a Girl // Katie McCauley // Pieceology // The Paper Craft Pantry // Interlaced Goods // Chelsea Laine Francis


Marfa, Texas. A town where the universe feels infinitely endless and incredibly small at the same time. It’s got a great sense of humor and fun way bringing worlds together.

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