The Time We Spend Together

Beyond brewing and enjoying our favorite beverage, each morning the team here at Atlas Coffee Club likes to take 15 minutes to reflect on what we’re thankful for.

As 2016 comes to a close, the main theme from this past year that we’ve all consistently found ourselves grateful for is you. We very truly couldn’t be any more thankful to have a community like this, with club members like yourself to share our worldly adventures and favorite coffees with. We’re overjoyed to have a platform to connect with coffee wanderlusters in this ever exciting and growing coffee culture.

From the bottom of our coffee cup hearts, thank you.

Atlas Coffee Club Pour OverFor the Atlas Coffee Club member…

We know you’re here because you love coffee. You’re here because you recognize that if you’re doing something daily, you have an amazing opportunity to do it well. And if we’re doing something every day then we should most certainly make the most of it!

That’s why we’re here, we want to make sure that no sips on our great, worldwide coffee adventure go wasted. Showcasing more flavors, more variety, and more culture is our mission and we’re committed to helping you brew the very best.

What To Expect In 2017…

  • Oh my goodness! So much coffee greatness! – So many new, exotic, and flavorful options to try!
  • Coffee gear giveaways! Be on the look out!
  • Ways to learn – Learn about the latest in coffee & travel. From tried and true coffee brewing strategies, the latest in coffee news, and a whole world of coffee culture…
  • Coffee Talk Interviews with club members & coffee lovers from around the country.
  • And so much more…


Imagine What We Can Brew Together!

We have so much planned for 2017! Stay up to date with all of our coffee culture happenings!

Questions, comments, thoughts, or cheers, send them our way! We’re here to make your global feel local.
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