SXSW is happening. You’re either here in Austin or wishing you were. If you don’t know, SXSW is an annual conference / festival that stages thousands of the world’s greatest, new and established, musicians, hosts some of the best independent films around and provides a buzzing intersection for tech innovation and acceleration. It’s…simply put, crazy. See for yourself, 30 Years of SXSW.

If you organize your agenda properly, with a touch of research, you’ll be over booked with free events, free music, free eats, and free drinks.

As we’re ready to get back on the streets, here’s 3% of our day yesterday. The Wild Honey Pie hosted a free day of live music (one of many – look at that list!) at Swan Dive. The music was good, the music was REAL GOOD. The kind of good that you know it’s only a matter of time before EVERYBODY realizes it’s good and then you’re left with that feeling of hip superiority for being an early adapter.

If you don’t know, get to know, at least 3 of the 300 artists…

SONG: Don’t Get Taken
SONG: Brain Body
SONG: Grim

Pure Bathing Culture
SONG: Dream the Dare
SONG: Pray for Rain

Miya Folick 
SONG: I Got Drunk 

We’re outta here. But come back, we’ll be curating and sharing music as if EVERYONE is listening. We’ll also be sharing at least 50 of the 500+ free events this weekend.

Go forth and rock accordingly. Cheers.