Have we been to Seattle? Yes. Did we drink coffee? Oh yes. Did we drink too much coffee? Is 5+ cups a day too much? Didn’t think so. We drank with local Jared Rosenacker, an emerging glass artist and consistent coffee consumer there in the Emerald City. We sat down and talked his favorites – the best Seattle coffee shops…


Caffe Vita, Capitol Hill

Photo Cred: Caffe Vita

WHO: Caffe Vita
WHY: I’ve never been disappointed with their coffee. No matter the Barista, it always hits the mark. It’s doesn’t matter what you order, though I find it to be the best place for a straight Espresso.
WHERE: Capitol Hill on Pike st. This location is massive. Great for a chat with friends, a first date, or setting up your laptop to get work done. With a second floor with a wall of bay windows looking out onto the street, or the table set up outside, it makes for great people watching. 1005 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122


Victrola Coffee Roasters

Photo Cred: Victrola Coffee Roasters

WHO: Victrola Roasters
WHY: They are serious about deep complex flavors. Specializing in medium to light roasts, you won’t find anything over a medium roast on the menu. In my opinion it’s the best place for a pour over.
WHERE: 310 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

Respects to…

WHO: Bauhaus
WHY: They kept things a bit more simple with only 2 house roasts. If I was looking for an Americano (a Seattle standard) I’d go to Bauhaus. They also had a spacious open air patio looking down onto Pine st. Great place for inspiration. And if you were looking for something sweet to go with your coffee, the cake donut with chocolate glaze, it would never disappoint.
WHERE: Nowhere now but hopeful for the future…


Joe Bar Cafe

Photo Cred: FoodEmpire.com

WHO: Joe Bar
WHY: This secret spot sits on the quieter Northern side of Capitol Hill, right off from the busy hustle on Broadway. Located in an older turn of the century commercial strip, this charming spot is perfect for some quiet time to focus or to impress a date.
WHERE: 810 E Roy St, Seattle, WA 98102


Stumptown Coffee

Photo Cred: Stumptown Coffee

WHO: Stumptown
WHY: Their “drip” choice changes daily amongst their various blends. It always makes for a good surprise and when you want something new. The small, shotgun style setting on Pine st is always blasting music from its vinyl record player. Great place to get your fix and get pumped up.
WHERE: 616 E Pine St, Seattle, WA 98122



Jared Rosenacker is a glass artist, traveling the world demonstrating his art on Celebrity Cruise Lines. He’s spent many years in Seattle where he emerged himself into the deep rooted glass scene…We spoke. We drank. We celebrated. It was fantastic.  Check out his Glass Art & follow his travels around the globe.