Pairing Coffee With Dessert – A Sweet Love Story

‘Tis the Season to justify any reason to have delicious coffee with dessert! If you’re hosting for the Holidays, take your entertaining to the next level and have some fun pairing your favorite coffee with some of your, soon to be, favorite desserts! Since we have no shortage of diverse coffee we teamed up with the wonderfully talented Jordan Hamons of The Hungry Traveler to share some of her delightful recipes!

One of the things we love about single-origin coffee is the pure truth that each batch has its own unique flavor profiles. Being able to compliment flavors in the dessert with tasting notes in each coffee is where the fun comes in! Should you prefer brewing ColombianBrazilianIndonesian, and or Ethiopian coffee, there’s a dessert for that! Check out the perfect dessert recipes to match your brew here at The Hungry Traveler.