We sat down with Table Top & Lounge Wear Designer, Production Manager for Home Decor brands, and entrepreneur Candice Leigh of Oh Fox! Creative and talked about the projects she has brewing…

Can you introduce us to who you are and what you’re up to?
Five years ago I was starting middle school – with a professional background in education and politics, this seemed like an amazing though unexpected bend in the road of my career. But only two months in, while planning for the upcoming year, I wasn’t connecting with the leadership and began to day dream instead of plan. And one HOT afternoon, I had an idea — what if I could bring back beautiful textiles from around the world, like the ones my friends loved to for me to bring back from travels — and give those makers a broader marketplace. I certainly wasn’t the first person to come up with this idea – it wasn’t novel or even brilliant – but I got excited about the thought of trying it out.

Photo By: Oh Fox! Creative

Photo By: Oh Fox! Creative

I called my boyfriend at the time, now husband, bursting with energy and pitched the idea. “Business is just as much in need of equity as education,” I aruged, “and my strength is in relating to elected officials

He said absolutely not. He reminded how stable this new job was, how it was a perfect next step, and encouraged me to focus on the work in front of me.

And that’s exactly what I needed to jump in head first!

Fast forward through a few years dabbling in vintage pieces, and collecting rugs from around the world, I now design tabletop and loungewear that’s handmade by women and families in South Mexico, Thailand, and Peru.

How did OH! Fox Creative come about? Where ya based? Whatcha up to?
Austin, Texas which is perhaps the only city where you can open a lobby firm at 27 and then a design business at 31. I love how this city is so flexible with career changes; somehow it understands that your first path may not be your only path and there’s room for that here.

Photo By: Oh Fox! Creative

Photo By: Oh Fox! Creative

The past week has centered around preparing for NY Now, a national gift show that runs in August and brings buyers from around the world to New York to find fresh products for their boutiques and brands. This means ensuring that the last pieces are in production and shipments are on their way. I’m coordinating with the makers, often in remote villages, about product pick up and confirming that exactly the right pieces are on their way.

What if anything would you like more people to know about your company and services?
I truly believe that loving the people you live with – whether that’s your partner, your parents, or yourself – will save the world. Solving disagreements quickly, forgiving, and making time for the people under your roof is actually the hardest work of all. Which is why OH! Fox is focused almost entirely on helping people feel more at home in their home – from setting the dinner table to hosting a backyard party.

With going into business for yourself what’s been the biggest challenge and what’s been the most rewarding?
Going into business for yourself is the second hardest thing I’ve ever done; the first is teaching! I’m a former Teach for America Corps Member and there is NOTHING more challenging than teaching!

Oh Fox! Creative

Photo By: Oh Fox! Creative

Any influencers / companies you particularly like? And or shout-outs you’d like to give?
I love making a home, and a few of the products that we’ve used to build ours and enjoy everday: Brooklinen sheets on an Oso mattress. Soma water pitcher for hosting – we always have it out.

Are there any professional mottos or quotes you live / work by?
As an entrepreneur, there are rarely words or mottos that can get me through, but I believe that putting people first really helps. Remembering that the customer service person whose company’s oversight meant my clients didn’t get their orders on time took her children to school earlier this morning really helps slow me down when logistics don’t go as planned.

Photo By: Oh Fox! Creative

Photo By: Oh Fox! Creative

You said you’ve been to some traditional coffee ceremonies in Ethiopia and have traveled to the coffee farms of Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. How’d this come about? We’re these trips designed to explore coffee or leisure first, coffee second?
We were in Ethiopia on our honeymoon, Costa Rica for a friend’s wedding, and Puerto Rico because we found cheap tickets! That said, we designed the trips as vacation first, but couldn’t get away from coffee! Traveling in these coffee rich cultures, we couldn’t help but seek out the way coffee is traditionally harvested and prepared in the culture. Each country expressed its coffee ritual in a magical, almost spiritual way – the people understand the process of growing the coffee, starting with the tree.

If you could have coffee with any 5 people, who would it be?
My husband. And my girlfriends.


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