This month only we’re featuring our coffee from Mbinga, Tanzania.

When was the last time you flew to Tanzania for your morning coffee? Join our journey and be a part of Atlas Coffee Club, an adventure in pursuit of the world’s best coffee. We’re transforming an ordinary 10-minute trip to the grocery store into a quest to far-off countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Indonesia.

As I write this at Atlas HQ, the coffee in my cup has traveled 9,028 miles from Tanzania to Texas.  For a moment, imagine yourself in Tanzania, a country of vast wilderness and cinematic beauty. Where illuminated golden plains seem to endlessly sprawl in the Serengeti National Park; mountainous and dense forests fill the northeast near Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. Elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo, and rhinos roam their safari meccas, meanwhile offshore whale sharks and coral reefs surround the tropical islands of Zanzibar…

About the coffee…
Coffee was first introduced to Tanzania by way of Ethiopia in the 16th century. For years Robusta coffee beans were steamed with herbs and chewed as a stimulant. The coffee beans were a form of currency amongst local tribes and were chiefly handled by tribal leaders. The development of Arabica coffee grew with the arrival of French Missionaries in the late 1800s when they planted coffee trees around Kilimanjaro…

Tanzanian Coffee Country

The journey…

Journeying across the Atlantic Ocean, crossing through Africa, and grown at 1.25 miles above sea level, your Tanzanian coffee has traveled over 8,676 miles to make its way to your door. It seems as though this arduous adventure somehow makes the coffee sweeter, look for bright red fruits and a hint of plum as you enjoy this special brew.

Region: Mbinga
Process: Washed
Altitude: 2000 Meters
Flavor Profile: Sweet Plum, Chocolate, Bright Red Fruits

If you’ve never tried Tanzanian coffee before now’s your chance!  We only offer our Tanzanian coffee once a year and this is the month!  So far the subscribers have been loving the journey – “Normally I shy away from light-medium roasts, but this one from Tanzania and the prior from Ethiopia (via @atlascoffeeclub) might have converted me over.” – Behic Bey.

Please note* due to recent high demand, our of-the-month-subscribers get first priority for this month’s small lot coffee.  Sign up for our coffee subscription today before we run out.