Turkish coffee is mainly enjoyed in the Middle East- Turkey to be exact. It is brewed similarly to Greek coffee (see Atlas’ article on Exploring Greek Coffee Culture to learn more) in that it is brewed in a small, but heavy pot called a cezve (or ibrik).

The coffee must be ground into an extremely fine powder in order to be true Turkish coffee. If you don’t own a grinder, check out this article reviewing several popular grinders that would be well suited for this purpose.

Here’s how you can make delicious Turkish coffee at home!

How to Make Turkish Coffee

What you’ll need:

  • Ground Turkish coffee (very fine grind; medium roast is best)
  • Spoon
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Cezve
  • Coffee cups


  1. Measure cold (preferably filtered) water using the coffee cup you will be using as your “cup” measurement- start with 1 1/2 “cups” and go from there, making adjustments based on your preferences. Pour into cezve. Note: If you prefer your coffee sweetened, add sugar before pouring water (~1/2 tsp should be a good place to start).
  2. For each “cup” of water, add 1 heaping tsp. of ground coffee to cezve.
  3. Stir to combine.
  4. Slowly bring to a boil over medium heat (~3-4 minutes). Dark foam will start to rise in the cezve.
  5. Just before coffee starts to boil, spoon some of the foam into your prepared coffee cups.
  6. As the coffee comes to a rolling boil, pour half the coffee over the foam in the cups.
  7. Return cezve to stove and boil remaining coffee for an additional 15-20 seconds. Pour the rest into the cups.
  8. Serve and Enjoy!

Serving Tips:

If making Turkish coffee for a group, it is tradition to follow these 3 steps.

  1. Serve with ice water.
  2. Serve with sweet treats such as candy (like Turkish Delight), tea biscuits, cookies, etc.
  3. Start service with the eldest member of the group.


This recipe really works best with traditional Turkish coffee cups. In the market for some? Check out Turkish Coffee World, they have beautiful gift sets for 2-6 people! One of their sets would make a great gift for the coffee enthusiast in your life.

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