Are you experiencing weak, bitter, and/or lukewarm coffee from your Keurig? Give these ideas a try to make K-cup coffee taste better!

Keep Your Keurig Clean

If the problem is flavor, it may just be because your machine is dirty. Try giving your Keurig a good clean with white vinegar. Fill the chamber to capacity and continue brew cycles until empty. Then, fill the chamber with water and run brew cycles until empty. If you find the smell of vinegar too overbearing, try adding a few drops of lemon juice. Your Keurig will be like new!

Warm it Up

In the wintertime, do you ever warm up the car before going on your merry way? This is the same concept for those of you having issues with lukewarm coffee from your Keurig. Running some water through the machine first will warm it up- especially if you haven’t used it in a few hours.

Double Up Your Pods

Keurig not producing bold enough coffee to your liking? Make a cup of coffee using two pods. Use the lowest ounce setting on your machine- using high ounce settings waters down your coffee. If keeping it green is a priority, be sure to recycle your K-cups afterwards!

Use a Bolder Roast

If you have been unhappy with the strength of your coffee and you’ve been using a light roast in your Keurig- consider trying something a little bolder. Since the hot water doesn’t come in contact with the grounds as much in a Keurig, any light roast will be like drinking coffee-flavored water.

Add Some Salt

Some Keurig users report experiencing a bitter taste to their coffee. If this is your complaint, try adding a pinch of salt- a little pinch at that- to your coffee. The salt will create a chemical reaction that cancels out the bitter flavor by lowering the acidity.

Use Your Own Ground Coffee

There are several options available for reusable coffee filters for the Keurig. If you aren’t satisfied with the K-cups, try using your favorite ground coffee in combination with one and see if that doesn’t help. Consider reading our article about why you should be hand grinding your coffee if you’re not already.

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