Don’t make that third trip to the microwave to heat up your coffee! Instead, take a look at some of these devices that will keep your coffee hot for longer than half an hour.

1. Cupholder Warmer ($16-30)

Sometimes, we lose track of time. That’s ok, we’re only human. But, this usually means that we no longer have time to brew coffee at home and must stop if we are to be caffeinated- and trust us, you wouldn’t want to see us when we’re not caffeinated. This cup warmer fits over most to-go cups and most car cupholders; you could even bring it into work to keep your takeout coffee hotter for longer (it slides over the cup like a sleeve), just don’t forget it on your way out the door!

2. Desktop Mug Warmer ($10)

If you’re one of those lucky people with good workplace coffee or a coffee shop close by the office, this mug warmer is perfect for you. It looks just like a coaster (some are even decorative!), is small and out-of-the-way, but it does so much more than protect your desk surface…

3. Hydroflask ($20-30)

The Hydroflask keeps hot coffee hotter or cold brew colder for longer. With this thermos, you have the option of having the best of both worlds! We love this container so much that we’ve recommended it before- check out our 10 Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers. It makes a great work or outdoors companion with its generous sizes, sleek design, and superior insulation- you’ll be sipping on your drink all day, with every sip as good as the first.

4. Thermos ($20-34)

Chances are you already own one of these bad boys, or have memories of going on family trips with one. Regardless of your relationship, this is a great device that- like the Hydroflask- will keep drinks warm or cold for longer. For the size (40 oz!), you can’t beat the price. If you’re a traveler, this might be a good device for you. Looking for ways to brew coffee on your travels? Check out Atlas’ list about how to make A grade coffee on the road.

5. Cup Cozy ($7-30)

If you like your coffee to have a little personality (or want to scare people away before you’ve finished it), a cup cozy is perfect for you. Sometimes the coffee mug you’re using just requires a little extra insulation in order to keep your coffee hot. Browse the interwebs for the perfect cozy that speaks to you; online shops like Amazon and Etsy have a plethora of cozies ranging anywhere from $7-30 across many styles.


Tired of re-visiting the microwave? Try using one of the products on this list to help keep you on the path of warm happy caffeination.

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