Surely you’re all familiar with cold brew by now. We’ve covered how to make cold brew on the regular, how to make cold brew in a French Press, the pros and cons of the cold brew process…but we love it, so here’s another way to make it- in the CoffeeSock!

About CoffeeSock

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Based in Austin, Texas, CoffeeSock became a reality in 2011 when an “a-ha!” moment turned into a legacy.

According to the company’s About Us page, this moment occurred when the founders were traveling and the only thing available to make coffee was a filterless Chemex and a Chorreador, a Costa Rican “coffee sock”. So, they fashioned the fabric filter from the “sock” portion of the Chorreador to fit over their Chemex.

While enjoying coffee they otherwise wouldn’t have had, they marveled at how well this quick fix had performed. Keeping the idea in mind, once they returned home, they got to work.

After creating a prototype, the founders started offering test models for sale. Soon enough, the product was so well-received that the business concept was pursued in full force.

“What’s in a name?”

With large-scale success on the horizon, the owners devoted their full attention to coming up with a brand. Knowing they wanted a business centered around family and that they wanted to change the world, CoffeeSock was born.

6 years later, mission accomplished we’d say! That’s exactly what CoffeeSock is and the founders certainly have shaken up the coffee world with their invention. They have grown exponentially from the one pour-over test model to a company that now offers a myriad of filters designed for all popular brewing methods, including cold brew. Hallelujah!

With partners like Starbucks and Williams-Sonoma, it looks like CoffeeSock isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

How to Make Cold Brew in the CoffeeSock

What you’ll need:

  • CoffeeSock Cold Brew Kit
  • 2 cups ground coffee, coarse grind (for a 1/2 gallon); 1 cup for 1 qt.
  • Water (filtered, preferably)

Before you start brewing, some pre-instructions if using this product for the first time:

  1. Boil new filter(s) in water for 10 minutes. This will shrink the sock so that it fits better in the brewing jar.


Half Gallon

  1. Add 2 cups coffee to filter.
  2. Wet contents thoroughly before closing, securing top with ring and strap.
  3. Fill jar with water and steep in refrigerator for 12-16 hours.


  1. Add 1 cup coffee to filter.
  2. Wet contents thoroughly before closing, then secure with strap and ring.
  3. Fill jar with water and steep in refrigerator for 6-10 hours.

How to Clean:

  1. Empty CoffeeSock of used grounds.
  2. Turn filter inside out and rinse thoroughly.
  3. Wring out filter and hang to dry.

Other Things to Note When CoffeeSock Brewing:

  • Filters should last 9 months-1 year with average use.
  • The company suggests adding the used grounds to your compost, if you have one.
  • Mild unscented detergents can be used on the CoffeeSock.
  • Filter can be boiled for 5 minutes for extra sanitation.

Author’s Afterthought:

I made cold brew in the quart size container and it came out stellar! I brewed it for 24 hours- cause I like rocket fuel- using a dark French roast (used a medium grind- will definitely go coarser next time). The CoffeeSock is now a permanent method for making cold brew in this house!

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