Welcome to the world of Pour Over Coffee!

If you like delicious coffee, you’re in the right place. 🙂

First, what is pour over?

Pour-over brew methods are known as a manual brewers. It operates similarly to a drip coffee maker but allows the user to be a hands-on home barista. Simply put, pour-over coffee brewing allow you to control the coffee-making process from start to finish, resulting in a great cup of coffee.

Much like a drip coffee maker, hot water travels through the coffee grounds, and coffee is extracted into the container below. Drip coffee pots are automated, but pour-over coffee pots require the water to be poured by hand. This might sound like extra work, but trust us, the results of pour-over coffee are well worth it.

Pour-over coffee has become popular over the last few years because of the flavor profile that is brought out by the slow, methodical hand-pouring. This at-home coffee brewing method produces barista-like results, which is why the pour-over is so popular with coffee lovers.

The Benefits of a Pour-Over

The main benefit of pour-over coffee brewing is it allows you to perfect the art of making coffee. Finicky coffee drinkers who prefer top-notch quality and taste will be able to control the entire brewing process, step by step.

The pour-over method allows you to exercise precision and control over the speed, pressure, and consistency of coffee brewing. As always, using high-quality coffee beans is absolutely necessary for achieving the best results.

How to Make Coffee with a Hario V60


  • Clean, delicate, nuanced coffee
  • Versatile and customizable
  • 1 -2 servings
  • Ideal for light roasts, but also delicious with Medium roasts!

What You’ll Need:

  • V60
  • Filter for V60
  • Kettle
  • Grinder
  • Digital Scale
  • Timer
  • Carafe or Coffee cup

Brew Time: 3 – 4 mins


  • 12oz cup: 20g coffee to 320g H2O
  • 16oz cup: 28g coffee to 450g H2O

Process: (12oz cup)

  1. Grind
    • 20g coffee, fine drip size, think table salt
  1. Filter + Add Grounds
    • Place your V60 onto a carafe or cup on top of your digital scale
    • Insert filter and rinse with hot water
    • Discard water
    • Add ground to filter and gently shake to even coffee bed
  1. Bloom – 30 sec
    • Add 40g H2O @ 200-205ÂşF over coffee (or just saturate coffee grounds with water 30-45 secs off boil)
    • Wait 30 secs, allowing coffee to bloom
  1. Brew – 3.5 mins
    • Pouring slowly in a circular motion from the center working outward, add 100g of water
    • Be sure to sink any floating grounds near the edges or in the center when brewing 
    • Allow water to sink down till within ½ inch of coffee bed before adding more
    • Finish at 320g or your desired amount
  1. Enjoy! 
    • Once all coffee has dripped through, around 4 mins, pour into your favorite mug and enjoy!


  1. Brew went fast, finished before 4 mins?
    •  Coffee is too coarse, grind finer
  1. Brew was slow and went beyond 4 mins?
    • Coffee is too fine, grind a bit coarser 
  1. Don’t own a carafe?
    • You can put the V60 on your favorite coffee mug! Just be sure to brew a single cup, 320g MAX for average mug.