Pretty much everyone has a coffee-lover in their life—but when it’s time to find a gift for your favorite caffeine fiend, how do you choose something worthy of their java love? Our gift guide for coffee-lovers will point you to the perfect present.


1. The New Rules of Coffee: A Modern Guide for Everyone – $11

Written by the founders of Sprudge, an online authority on all things coffee, this new release will make an expert out of even the most novice coffee enthusiast.

With tips on everything from brewing to café etiquette and info on coffee history, coffee production, and the burgeoning international coffee culture, this whimsically illustrated guide deserves a place on any self-respecting coffee-lover’s coffee table.

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2. Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Travel Mug – $20

Plenty of coffee-lovers take their java to go, but not all travel mugs are created equal!

Available in 16, 20, or 24 oz, this sleek travel mug from Contigo keeps beverages hot for up to 7 hours, or cold for up to 18 hours. That’s some serious temperature control!

Both spill- and leak-proof, this durable, easy-to-clean mug can be tossed in a bag or knocked over without losing a drop. Bonus: you just need one hand to take a satisfying sip!

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3. 6 Month World Tour of Coffee – $109

Send a lucky coffee-lover a world tour of amazing coffee with this 6 month gift subscription. Each month they’ll receive coffee and culture from a new country.

Each shipment includes:

→ The world’s finest Single Origin coffee
→ 6 months of coffee
→ Roasted & delivered fresh
→ Picturesque postcards from each country
→ Country cards with brew tips & flavor notes
→ Free Shipping

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4. Kalita Wave Kit – $59

The Kalita Wave is the best brew method for those who want consistent, complete flavor extraction across the full range of naturally occurring coffee flavors.

Put together a Kalita Wave kit to make the coffee-lover in your life feel extra special:

1. Kalita Wave 185 Dripper

2. Kalita Wave Glass Serving Carafe

3. Kalita Wave 185 Filters


5. Handmade Atlas Coffee Club Mug – $30 (SOLD OUT)

One of the many things we love about travel is the way it creates a whole new rhythm, taking us out of our daily routine and allowing us to observe and enjoy the life around us in new, exciting ways. We hope that this mug serves as a daily reminder to allow yourself time to appreciate what you enjoy most.

→ Each mug is handmade and one-of-a-kind—no two mugs are exactly the same.

→ Made of enamelware using a 100-year-old technique, these mugs resist abrasion, rust, and UV damage.

→ Durable and portable, our mugs are perfect for both home brewing and traveling.

Interested? Drop us a line at and we’ll let you know when these beauties are back in stock!


6. Chemex – $37 – $43

Who knew coffee could look this good?

With an elegant glass carafe perfectly suited to brewing for company, your favorite coffee fiend will love seeing this on their counter every morning.

This manual coffee brewer is the best bet for achieving a smooth, full-flavored cup, and coffee fans will relish the versatility—the Chemex is great for making cold brew as well as “regular” coffee that’s anything but “regular.”

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7. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder – $139

Every coffee-lover needs a high-quality coffee grinder to get the most out of their brew.

The Baratza Encore features 40 different grind settings, perfect for at-home baristas who like to mix it up. And the “conical burr grinder” part of this grinder guarantees a consistent, even grind, essential for maximum flavor extraction.

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8. Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug – $80

Know a coffee-lover who’s resigned to cold coffee or endless trips to the microwave?

The Ember Ceramic Mug connects to the Ember app, where you can select the temperature that tastes best to you. Without the app, Ember will automatically keep your beverage at a toasty 130°F for up to an hour, or indefinitely when used with the included charging coaster.

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9. Coffee Cupping Kit – $72

Aspiring coffee experts live for coffee cupping—the process professionals use to taste and judge the quality, flavor, and body of different coffees. You can learn more about coffee cupping here.

Help the coffee-lover in your life hone their coffee palate with a coffee cupping kit. Aside from some great coffee beans, they’ll need:

1. Coffee Bean Trays

2. At least 3 Cupping Bowls

3. Cupping Spoon


10. DeLonghi DEDICA Deluxe 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine – $300

A gift guide for coffee-lovers wouldn’t be complete without a premium espresso machine! Treat a special coffee-lover to endless at-home espresso with the DeLonghi Dedica Deluxe, our favorite all-in-one espresso maker for the aspiring barista.

This sleek machine has all of the add-ons they’ll need (think built-in milk frother, double shot capabilities, and space for taller cups), and the espresso is impressively delicious.

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***BONUS: Lymor Nitro Cold Brew Maker – $220

There’s cold brew, and then there’s nitro cold brew—an ultra smooth, ultra creamy coffee experience designed for the pickiest cold brew connoisseurs.

Cold brew coffee is infused with nitrogen gas and released through a pressurized valve (just like a keg) to create a creamy, stout-like effect. This nitro cold brew maker from Lymor is a perfect gift for the coffee chemist who’s ready to take their experiments to the next level.

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Any of the coffee-centric ideas in this gift guide for coffee-lovers is sure to earn you some serious coffee-lover gratitude! No matter what you choose, it’s going to be a great choice. Pat yourself on the back, and maybe pick a present for yourself 😉


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