What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day…2.0

We’re calling for a Mother’s Day 2.0. Have a surprise Mom’s day!

Now, imagine if someone gave you an EXTRA surprise birthday party. They took you out and bought you thoughtful gifts and spent time doing what YOU wanted to do. Wouldn’t that be nice? Heck yes it would be. And you know what? Your Mom and or a Mom in your life has been doing pretty much just that for you and or somebody everyday or every other. It’s what Mom’s do. They make us feel special. Their happiness is based off our happiness. They teach and treat us daily and you know it. Needless to say, they deserve it. It’s why you’re here, it’s why you clicked.

If there’s a Mom in your life, I’m sure your list of complimentary adjectives from respect to trust to gratitude goes on. A long list no doubt. Attributes that deserve to be appreciated more than just 24 hours a year. Now read this list, take some ideas, modify them, personalize, and go celebrate a Mom in your life!

Take one of those fun art class together! Those paint & sip parties…wine & your best imitation of Picasso. They look awesome and if your painting is embarrassing you can blame it on the alcohol. Have a search, you’re sure to find something fun.

YOU be the Mom. Pick out a nice park, plant conservatory, or spot of nature, pack a picnic and behold ya otha’ motha’, Mother Nature. Be prepared, know where you’re going, make it a moment not a mission.

Go to a play! Off Broadway, on Broadway, doesn’t matter, it’s going to be fun. Find something SHE will like, get the tickets, dress up nice and taker her out to dinner before or after the show. Just plan accordingly, you don’t want to be rushed during dinner so you can make the first act and you don’t want to leave the theater for an 11PM dinner. Do your homework.

Get a proper photo of yourself! I’m not saying go Prom Pose a tree like Senior Year but when was the last time you took a proper photo of yourself for your Mom? Picture this, your Mom probably wants an UPDATED photo of you on her wall as bad as you want to post that stellar sunset shot of you in your dapper threads looking like Pierce Brosnan on Instagram…Snap it. Frame it. Gift it.

This is a fun one! Have a bunch of VHS tapes in the basement? Go dig up your old home movies and convert them into DVDs! Living in the digital age? Go through your Instagram feed or Photo Roll and print out your favorite photos! Organize and package them nicely. Go ahead and put the date and a little note on everything because years from now you’re going to look back and feel a crazy amount of nostalgia and you’re going to want to know the details. Trust.

Find yourself always resorting to the typical bouquet for Mother’s Day? Who doesn’t love flowers? This year try something different, go to your local nursery and select some flowers you can plant in the yard together. Go for the perennials, the flowers that comes back every Spring & Summer. You’ve got options! 

Make your Mom a custom calendar with some of your favorite family photos and pen, PEN in said calendar weekend days and week nights that you’re going to spend some quality time together. Go out to dinner, have a game night, go to a fancy brunch, volunteer together, bake a bunch of cakes, whatever it is, commit to it and save the day.

You know…
The most important take away here is you don’t need to make things overly complicated or expensive. Sure, nice things are nice and if you have the money then great, spend what fits your budget, but the most important thing is time. Spend as much of it as you can with the people who you love the most.