It doesn’t take long to fall in love with, Savannah.


Savannah River   From the second you drive over the Savannah River it’s like crossing into another world that has enchanted as their understood, yet never spoken, motto. Everything about this town is special. In particular, there seems to be no distinction between locals and visitors like some other cities. If you’re local to Savannah you know, if you’re soon to visit you’ll be sure to find out. It’s not that navigating the city is easy to expert, or knowing where to grab the best meal is a given, it’s the way the locals make you feel, like you belong there as much as they do. They’ll listen to your comments about their city and entertain your quick first impression observations with as much worth as their own. Residents in Savannah embody community. Everywhere we went we ran into accommodating, polite, courteous, and friendly people, one after the other. Maybe we caught the town in an extraordinary good mood or maybe we were just too jazzed up on caffeine to know any better but we’ve yet to find another city so open and welcoming to visitors, tourists and or just two guys on a cross country road trip.


Savannah Coffee Roasters
   Here’s to you, Savannah. It’s safe to say we like our coffee, and what better way to appease an appetite for quality than by Savannah’s very own coffee roaster, Savannah Coffee Roasters. If our homes were cool spacious industry lofts growing up we wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference, walking in we were warmly greeted and made to feel like we belonged there as much as the owner. Served only the best and most fresh, the food, the coffee, the personality, it all hit very close to home, only here we didn’t have to do our own dishes. For over 100 years Savannah Coffee Roasters have been sourcing and roasting some of the finest beans. Us here at Atlas Coffee Club truly appreciate their mission to bring out the true notes and flavors of their varietal batches, roasting each to tasty perfection. If you’re lucky to make it to Savannah capitalize on your good fortune and invest some quality time with the good people and their great work at Savannah Coffee Roasters.


In Savannah, we found that being a local means just being local, presently. That’s one of the gifts this city gives daily. We’d be remiss to not credit our new friends at Visit Savannah. They do an extraordinary job of communicating what makes this great city so darn charming. Have a look at the personalitybeauty, and splendor of the Southern Belle of the Georgia Coast.


  In the meantime, as we traverse this great country, we’ll always be looking forward to our next date with Savannah.