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Our Top 5 Coffee Shops in Copenhagen, Denmark

Simply put, I just really love a good cup of coffee. Luckily for me, Copenhagen is full of amazing coffee shops, from the chains to the small “hidden gems”. So here’s my list of my favourite and the best coffee shops and cafés in Copenhagen! A quick insider note, coffee in Copenhagen is generally expensive (okay, everything is) and the average latte is around 5$. All the more reason to choose wisely.

1. Original Coffee

Original Coffee is a little chain of coffee shops in the Copenhagen area. Instead of writing a novel about this place, I’ll make it shorter and write about my 2 favorites (but defiantly check the others out, they’re all great)

Sortedams Dossering: The newest one in the family located right around the corner from “Dronning Louise’s Bro” and has the nicest lake view. I enjoy sitting outside watching people drive past on their bikes.

Illum Rooftop: For some reason are there 2 Original Coffees on the Rooftop. Both of them are amazing, but it tends to be bit less crowded in the old one. There are small benches outside, and it’s definitely “coffee with a view” as you overlook Strøget and all the surrounding buildings.

Must try: The ice coffee is phenomenal and I could easily drink 4 of them on a summer day (Or any day actually)

2. Central Hotel & Café

I stumbled over this little gem on rainy day while I was supposed go grocery shopping for my grandma (oops). Central Hotel & Cafe is not just the smallest hotel in Denmark, but in the entire world, and that’s quite impressive. The café is the even more exciting part. It’s extremely tiny and can fit around four people in there on a good day. Both inside and outside is decorated in a 1930s style with cast iron chairs, light bulbs, old glass covered enclosures full of colorful candies and lollipops, The coffee is really good and the Baristas are so nice and always have time to chat.

Must try: Their lattes are extremely fantastic!

3. Coffee Collective

Coffee Collective
is also a little chain of coffee shops, located on both “hipster” Jægersborggade (Nørrebro, Godthåbsvej (Frederiksberg) and Torvehallerne. I can’t walk past any of their coffee shops without getting coffee cravings, and it can be a problem sometimes. They roast their own beans and are really passionate about their coffee, which I personally think you can taste.

Must try: literally everything, it’s great.


4. Den Lille Gule


Another one of the best coffee shops in Copenhagen is Den Lille Gule.  The location of this café is fantastic; it’s on a side street from Strøget, but it’s not overrun like other places. They serve organic coffee, big pieces of cake (!!!), homemade lemonade and amazing sandwiches. It’s really cosy (or as we would say in Denmark, hyggelig). I often come here with my friends and I probably know most of the baristas by now.

Must try: The latte and their cakes!



5. Byoh Matcha Bar

Okay, Byoh Matcha Bar isn’t really a coffee shop (they do serve coffee though). Matcha is a Japanese green tea with a lot more antioxidants and other good stuff than regular green tea. This is one of my go to places; the staff is nice and smiling and is always willing to tell you about their different drinks (even though they know you have been there 73 times). The interior is very white, minimalistic and super Instagram friendly.

Must try: Matcha cashew latte and their cafe latte w. cashew milk. If you come for brunch/lunch I’ll recommend getting one of the matcha bowls.


Thanks for reading our guide to the best coffee shops in Copenhagen. Let us know what city or state you want us to share next!  And if you’re looking for more coffee from around the world? Check out our World Tour of Coffee Subscription!