When you’re waking up in the morning or facing that afternoon slump, what’s your go-to source of energy: coffee or an energy drink? While you might just want a hefty dose of caffeine from anywhere, how you get that caffeine really matters. Some might reach for a Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, Kickstart, a 5-Hour Energy, or any of the other energy concoctions out there. At Atlas Coffee Club, we go for coffee (no surprise, right?). We wanted to put together some of our favorite reasons to choose coffee in the coffee vs energy drinks debate.

 Coffee vs Energy Drinks – 5 Reasons To Choose Coffee

1. Coffee Has No Calories

Aside from the caffeine, energy drinks usually have a ton of sugar, which won’t help you in the long run; after the rush wears off, you’ll just crash again. Coffee, on the other hand, is better for sustained energy, and you won’t have to add to your calorie count for the day when you drink it. 

Even if they’re advertised as “sugar-free,” energy drinks contain artificial sweeteners, which are better left out of your diet, anyway. But you can still have your coffee sweet and low-calorie: try all-natural stevia instead of sugar, and replace cream with almond milk, which comes in lots of delicious flavors. This is a pretty strong blow to energy drinks in the coffee vs energy drinks debate – round 1 and energy drinks are already on the ropes!

2. The Caffeine Amount Is About The Same

If you’re worried that coffee doesn’t have quite the same kick as the canned stuff, don’t be. According to caffeineinformer, energy drinks have about 80-200mg of caffeine, and 8oz of drip coffee has 110-150mg. Unless you’re downing that super-sized Red Bull, you’ll probably have equivalent caffeine intake from a cup of joe.


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3. Coffee Is More Cost-Effective

$20 will get you about 7 single cans of Red Bull. The same amount spent on a monthly coffee club subscription will get you 34 cups of coffee. Need we say more?

4. Coffee Has No Dubious Ingredients

“If I drink coffee, how will I get my daily taurine, ginseng, yerba mate and B12?” you might ask. The good news is that you don’t need most of those things in the first place. Some of those are there to add caffeine, and some of them are thrown in because they sound pretty good, even when there’s no clear scientific evidence proving their effectiveness. Sure, B12 is a vitamin, but you probably get that from your diet already.

Part of being healthy is controlling what you put in your body, and you know what’s in your coffee. Just coffee.

5. Coffee Tastes So Much Better

Let’s be honest: they haven’t made an energy drink that doesn’t taste like weird fruit punch. That’s why the drinks have names like “Unleaded” and “Assault”: you’re basically declaring war on your taste buds when you start chugging this stuff. Not a coffee drinker? Tea also has caffeine and tastes better that energy drinks in our opinion. Here’s our favorite Tea of the month club.


Stop the fight! Stop the fight! We’re ready to declare a winner in the coffee vs energy drinks debate – and it’s coffee by a landslide.  Next time you need to add some energy to your day find the real. good. stuff. Your body will thank you for it. Also don’t forget – if you don’t like the taste of coffee you can always get just take a shot of espresso as there are many differences between coffee and espresso.

And now that you’re fully on board with coffee, you can up your coffee game and move beyond the basic coffee-brewing supplies with these gifts for coffee lovers! You can treat yourself (or a lucky coffee lover in your life) to a next-level coffee gift. Need more inspo? We also love this guide from Awesome Stuff 365 for some fun items to help you celebrate your coffee love!


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