In this post, we’ll list the items you’ll need to have stocked for each brew method! We hope this serves as a one-stop reference should you need to re-order any of the following coffee brewing essentials.

But before we start, there are 3 absolute must-haves for at-home coffee brewers. We highly recommend you have the following accessories to start—it will change your coffee world forever.


#1. An electric kettle with temperature control, to guarantee your water is the right temperature (this is important)
#2. A conical burr grinder for a consistent, even grind that results in maximum flavor extraction (very important)
#3. A scale with a timer, to remove all the guesswork in finding the optimum coffee:water ratio (you’ll love the results and ease of use)


The AeroPress is our favorite way to brew an easy and delicious single cup of coffee! *Bonus! Also makes espresso 🙂 To keep you brewing . . . 

Stay supplied with:
 –AeroPress Filters

We recommend using two per brew for a super clean cup. With a package of 1400, you’ll be set for quite a while—even if you drink as much coffee as we do.

Kalita Wave

The Kalita Wave is the best way to taste the full range of complex coffee flavors! To keep you brewing . . . 

Stay supplied with:
 –Kalita Wave Filters

If you’re brewing once a day, this pack of 200 filters should last you over 6 months.

French Press

We use our French Press to relish a dark roast brew!

*Bonus: doesn’t need filters!

Since the French Press doesn’t require filters, it’s a great option for the environmentally-conscious coffee lover! It’s also a good backup to have on hand just in case you run out of filters for your other brew method(s).

Clever Coffee Dripper

The Clever Coffee Dripper is our favorite hands-off brewer for beginners! To keep you brewing . . . 

Stay supplied with:
 –#4 Cone Filters

This package of 600 should ensure that you don’t have to worry about running out of filters anytime soon!


We’ve found that the Chemex is the best bet for a smooth cup with great flavor extraction! To keep you brewing . . . 

Stay supplied with:
 –Chemex filters

Chemex filters are 20-30% thicker than most coffee filters, which is why a Chemex brew is so reliably smooth and flavorful! If you brew once a day, this package of 100 should last you over 3 months.


This is the best brew method for coffee-lovers who want full control over water  temperature and steeping time! To keep you brewing . . . 

Stay supplied with:
 –Hario Cloth Siphon Filters

Cloth filters are the best way to keep your siphon-brewed coffee free of sludge and loose grounds. These cloth filters are reusable (eco-friendly!) up to about 20 times, so a package of five will have you covered for about 100 brew sessions.

Bonavita Drip Machine

The Bonavita Drip Machine is our favorite marriage of convenience and quality! To keep you brewing . . . 

Stay supplied with:
Basket Filters

These basket filters are a perfect fit for this 8-12 cup drip machine, and a package of 400 should last you over a year when you brew a pot a day!

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