Our coffee bag designs were created to explore and celebrate the lush local landscapes and unique patterns and textiles found in each country.  We wanted to create coffee bags designs that would celebrate the rich culture and history of each region our coffee is farmed. Our hope is that these designs help to connect coffee drinker to coffee producing country, which is why you’ll notice we didn’t put any branded distractions on the front of the bags like a logo or copy.  Explore more and find out what inspired each coffee bag design…

COSTA RICA – La Carreta & Coffee

Coffee Bag DesignsWith an abundance of amazing color and life, Costa Rica has an array of Instagrammable visuals.  Take your pick, the Caribbean or the Pacific, beautiful beaches or lush jungles, capture one of the volcanoes or photo some diverse wildlife.  There’s no shortage of vibrant images here.

The rolling colors and arboraceous environment shifted our focus to La Carreta. Introduced back in the 15th century by Spanish Explorers the Ox Cart, La Carreta, provided a valuable role in transporting one of Costa Rica’s thriving crops, coffee.  With the rugged terrain and tree covered roads, the Ox Cart was the only way to move product.

The Ox Cart has it’s unique Costa Rican identifiers with elaborate designs and bright colors.  More than just being visually stunning, these designs were a way for the owners to mark their own cart – much like a license plate.


BRAZIL – Diverse Life Co-Exists

Coffee Bag Designs

With its significantly diverse landscapes hosting the greatest variety of animals on planet earth; we were, and very much still are, inspired by the simple fact that so much life can so seamlessly exist and cohabit efficiently.

Our design for Brazil is our hope for humankind to act as stewards of the Earth, co-existing without destroying, both seamlessly and efficiently.  Learn more: we can help protect nature.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

Atlas Coffee Club Coffee Bag Designs Brazil

COLOMBIA – Local Hues & Slopes

Coffee Bag Designs

In Southern Colombia, discover the Andes Mountains.  Along these slopes are farms that produce a considerable amount of Colombia’s finest coffee.  Travel towards the northern tip of the Andes and find the coffee growing region of Huila.  At 1800 meters up, this region is renowned for its quality coffee.

Our Colombian coffee bag is a design blend of local hues, shapes, and yes, a creative version of the slopes and peaks of the Andes Mountains.

To explore the coffee of Huila, check out our Colombian Single-Origin Coffee.

Coffee Bag Designs

PERU – Textiles & Dyes

For almost 10,000 years, Peru has been producing textiles.  Using natural dyes, spinning, and weaving techniques, Peruvians have produced countless works of wearable art.  With incredible intricate patterns, vivid colors, and often times elements of abstract art, textiles and patterns of Peru are truly something to behold.

“I think my sense of color I have got from my upbringing in Peru.” – Mario Testino

Learn how you can help or support Peru. Link here.


Coffee Time Peru_Atlas Coffee Club Coffee Bag Design

INDONESIA – Cultural Intersection

Coffee Bag Designs

Situated between the Middle East, South Asia, and the Far East, Indonesia is comprised of thousands of volcanic islands bursting with hundreds of ethnic groups, languages, and cultural practices.  As the world’s largest group of islands, its location has played an incredible role in its cultural, religious, political, and economical development due to its intersection of trade ships traveling from China and India.

These interweaving cultures have been creating textiles for centuries.  More than practical apparel application, Indonesian textiles have been regarded and applied symbolically, in sacred contexts, and as emblems of prominence.  With patterns unique to individual islands, textiles have been a way for researchers to learn about Indonesia’s history.

Our design is an interpretation of shapes and movements found in Indonesian textile patterns.


ETHIOPIA – Paint the Flavors

Coffee Bag Designs

Rumored to date back to the 9th Century, the Sidamo region of Ethiopia is one of the oldest coffee growing regions in the world.  Many consider this region to be the birthplace of coffee as the world knows and loves it today.  The Ethiopians love their coffee so much that even though they are the 7th largest producers of coffee in the world they consume more than half of it domestically.

We’ve designed our coffee bag as a tribute to the coffee grown in Ethiopia, in particular the coffee hailing from the Sidamo region.  With notes of dark chocolate, blueberries, and a hint of honey, we wanted to paint the flavors on our coffee bag as a way to celebrate it’s berry and citrus flavors.

Discover Ethiopia_Atlas Coffee Bag Design

GUATEMALA – Centuries of Weaving

Coffee Bag DesignsGuatemalan textiles have a rich cultural history dating back to the start of the well-known ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, the Maya.  Centuries of weaving fabrics with vibrant dyes and designs tell tales of personal memories, culture and tradition.

An incredible art form, done exceptionally well, it’s no wonder their textiles have been since used as a way to generate income when tourists visit and look to add pillow cases, table cloths, bedspreads, and bags to their personal collection back home.  Visually fascinating and historic, we hoped to convey a little bit of the magic one feels when seeing Guatemalan textiles.

Support local textile weavers: Trama Textiles

Coffee Bag Designs

KENYA – Landscape & Culture

As one of Africa’s most culturally diverse countries, Kenya is home to 40+ different ethnic groups.  Providing unique cultures, languages, dress, music, and cuisine, we wanted to design a pattern that explored characteristics of traditional art, garb, and landscape found in the country.

Our Kenyan coffee has a smokey and sweet chocolate body with a hint of plum.   A darker roast, you’ll find our Kenyan coffee will make your dull mornings a bold start.



The World of Coffee Awaits.  Explore more and discover how coffee from around the world differs!

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