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We couldn’t be more excited to share this month’s incredible coffee and story from Burundi in conjunction with the Long Miles Project!

The Long Miles Project was founded by the Carlson’s, an American family that picked up and moved to East Africa with a dream and a passion to produce quality coffee, improve local farmers well being, help the community thrive, and share amazing Burundi coffee with the world. And the world is catching on!

Dubbed as the Cinderella story of the coffee world, Burundi coffee has only recently been celebrated for its premium quality and taste. When coffee was first planted in Burundi in the 1960s the crop was unfortunately underutilized, contributing to the world of generic commodity coffee. It was only after endeavors like the Carlson’s where a new focus was brought to the growth and process of coffee development that Burundi coffee has made a name for itself, one that’s celebrated today and for good reason!

Unique Flavor Profile

Burundi stands out among other African coffees due to its complex flavor profile.  As you enjoy this velvety and balanced coffee, look for bright notes of pomegranate that rounds out in a clean, sugar cane finish.  If you haven’t tried Burundi Coffee yet and you’d like to, sign up for our coffee subscription before November 28th, 2016.  Act fast as it’s our exclusive club member coffee of the month and it’s going fast!

Pour Over Burundi Coffee When brewing Burundi we suggest using the Pour Over Method.

While the Pour Over Method requires a little more prep-time and equipment, you’ll notice a significant difference in taste, experiencing more floral and delicate notes!  And though it may be easier to use a French Press, a Pour Over Method like a Chemex is going to deliver unique and delicious flavors in your coffee that a French Press can’t do.  Here’s a link to our brew guides to learn how to make Pour Over Coffee (Chemex).

Quick Burundi Coffee Facts

750k  – # of families that rely on coffee as their main income

80%  of Burundi’s export earnings that come from coffee

Early 1960s – when coffee was first planted in Burundi

Learn More: The Long Miles Projects


A collection of Images from the Long Miles Project.

Recognized as Imbibe’s 2016 People of the Year, the Carlson family has been building the local community in Burundi and sharing its great coffee with ours. Learn more about their work in Burundi and the coffee produced there via their website: The Long Miles Project

We love what the Carson family is doing for coffee world and for community in Burundi!  If you have a few minutes please go check out their website and learn more about their story. Additionally, check out Daily Coffee News‘ interview with Ben Carson, it’s an informative and quick read!