Brewing Around the World – Moroccan Spiced Coffee

Have you ever tried Vietnamese Iced Coffee? How about Yuanyang? Or Eiskaffee?

In our pursuit to share the world of coffee, it’s with much excitement that we introduce our new series: Brewing Around the World, hosted by the wonderfully talented and experienced globetrotter, Jordan Hamons.

Jordan has visited 25+ countries, sourcing and experiencing local dishes that she creates and shares through her culinary travel blog, The Hungry Traveler. In this series, Jordan will be making coffee 15 different ways from around the world. Including but not limited to…

Cafe Touba from Senegal
Swedish Egg Coffee from Sweden
Yuanyang from Hong Kong
Irish Coffee from, yes, obviously Ireland
Kaffeost from Sweden & Scandinavian countries
Mazagran from Algeria
Frappe from Greece

To kick off the series, we’re traveling to Morocco to make Moroccan Spiced Coffee. Feeling up for an adventure? Learn how adding a touch of cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom can excite your daily routine.   Click here for the recipe: How to make Moroccan Spiced Coffee. Will this be your favorite or will it be the Viennese Iced Coffee?

Keep us posted on how it goes by commenting below! Cheers!



Jordan Hamons The Hungry TravelerAbout Jordan Hamons,
The Hungry Traveler

As a classically-trained chef, cooking teacher, and food & travel writer, Jordan has launched her passion into a proud profession. Inspired to create dishes honest to their international roots, Jordan sources only the finest ingredients and recipes to deliver unique and multinational eats. Stirring up fond memories from her travels abroad, Jordan serves a global experience.

A seasoned traveler, Jordan has studied in Korea, China, and France and traveled extensively throughout North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

Jordan currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio where she has worked as a corporate chef, restaurant consultant, food and beverage branding specialist. She is always planning her next food adventure.

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