We hate throwing things away needlessly, so why not find other ways to use them? Like leftover coffee, for example. If you’re consistently throwing out coffee due to staleness and/or lack of flavor, check out some of these other ways to use all of the coffee you spend your hard-earned dollars on.

Arts & Crafts

If you’re the artsy type, here are a few ways to utilize coffee in crafting projects:

Fabric Dye

If you’re one of those talented people who like to make their own clothes, this might be a fun project to test out; the coffee supposedly gives whatever item you’re staining an antique effect.

“Antique” Paper

Similar to how fabric reacts to coffee, paper will also give off an antique looking effect when stained with coffee. So whether you’re filming a period piece, want an unique effect on wedding invitations, or just want to create something, using coffee to stain the paper might be a fun way to go.

Stain Wood

Staining wood with coffee will give it a richer darker appearance. The darker the finish, the more coffee is used.  If you use filters for your coffee, try wringing out the grounds and using the excess liquid for this purpose. Keep re-applying until you get the desired effect.


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Home Projects

Coffee can be used in various areas of the house, inside and out.

Plant care

All you Botanists out there know that some plants require highly acidic soil in order to thrive and grow. The acid content in coffee gives these plants the extra nutrients that they need. Simply pour over the plant’s soil, the same as watering it; don’t overdo it though, a little is just enough.

Furniture Varnish

Maybe you have older antique furniture that’s seen better days or perhaps your wood floor has scratches from normal wear and tear. You don’t have to live with them! If you dab coffee on the area, reaching the desired color- with less coffee for lighter finishes, more for darker- your furniture or floor will be just like new! Some re-applying may be necessary.

Cleaning Stoves and Grills

If cooking is a common occurrence in your home, coffee can be your savior from grease stains. If grease and soot have built up on your stove grates or grill, the acid in the coffee will eat away at that grease until you have an appliance that looks brand new! This method works best if you can soak the grate in the coffee, so be sure it detaches (and you have enough leftover coffee!).

Personal Care

Everyone likes looking their best, right? Here’s a way that coffee can fit into your beauty regime.

Skin Exfoliation

Fans of massages and facials know the glorious feeling of leaving your appointment with the smoothest freshest skin you’ve ever had in your life. What if you could do that in the comfort of your own home (without using expensive products)? If you are looking for extra ways to use your coffee grounds, try mixing some with a little olive oil. This mixture will act like popular brand facial scrubs that have micro-beads as coffee grounds are just as abrasive.


It’s not a secret that you can cook with coffee- heck, you can even put it in beer! Speaking of which, if you haven’t tried a coffee porter- you should!

Here’s a few tried and true favorite recipes listing coffee as a main ingredient:

Coffee Brownies

You heard right. The only differences are replacing milk with ~ 1/4 cup coffee and adding some finely ground coffee to your brownie mix. The rest of the recipe is pretty much the same as normal. Check out this recipe from Billy Parisi if you want to follow step-by-step instructions.


Coffee makes a great rub, especially for beef. It also works well as an ingredient in a marinade; try mixing some soy sauce, chili powder, and ginger with coffee to experience a deliciously unique tasting dish.


Can’t get enough coffee in the morning? Try adding some to your oatmeal instead of milk or water (or in combination with depending on your taste preference)! Add a pinch of cinnamon for a little extra flavor.



If you think your storage container might be why you’re throwing leftover coffee away, be sure to check out our post on the 6 Best Coffee Storage Devices currently on the market. You might also want to check out our article about how to store coffee– it may not be your container at all!