In the current world of the multi-hyphenate it seems we’re all looking for ways to maximize and communicate value on more than one front. We’re all guilty of it. It’s the only way we know how to compete with the current social standards. We’ve gotta keep our edge, man! A social media strategist & a jewelry designer, a blogger & and a photographer, or a filmmaker and a  home-brewer we blend work worlds together to be better. To do more. To be more.

When it comes to these professional and creative worlds interfacing, dressing for success requires a balance. We get it and Devin of Outlined Cloth serves it. Today we look at Functional Fashion with some how-to tips…

Functional Fashion

Photo Courtesy: Outlined Cloth

By: Devin McGovern, Outlined Cloth

There are so many options to choose from when we decide what to wear. It used to be easy because our jobs required us to wear a suit. But in the age of start ups and entrepreneurs, we no longer have to wear a suit to work. So, how do we decide? For me, I have always sought comfort above anything else, but comfort sometimes has its limits in public. You can’t wear sweatpants everywhere you go, well unless you live in LA and then yes you can pretty much sport them at any time. But realistically, you have to wear something presentable especially when working in an office environment.


I seek to dress in functional and fashionable attire-which always starts with a great pair of denim. I like raw denim because you can really wear it to do anything. The fabric breaks in nicely and becomes more comfortable over time. They look good in meetings and can also handle the wear and tear out in the field.

Functional Fashion

Photo Courtesy: Outlined Cloth

To accessorize the denim along the functional, fashionable lines, I go with a pair of quality work boots. I discussed previously the importance of a solid shoe/boot game, so check out that post if you haven’t read it yet. My favorite pair are made by Freenote Cloth.

Round out the look with a button up workshirt that transcends work into play. The material depends on the season, but some of my favorites include: Rogue Territory Indigo Selvedge Canvas Shirt and Freenote Utility Shirt  I generally stick with one color, but feel free to experiment with patterns that work for you. A plaid flannel is a great winter material and a striped cotton or linen blend with short sleeve is nice for spring and summer.

Functional Fashion

Photo Courtesy: Outlined Cloth

The last piece to the fashion puzzle for me is a hat. I have always loved ballcaps back from days of playing baseball as a kid. Now, I am still a fan of a baseball cap, but a new go-to piece is my Luke Fedora from Yellow 108. Many times it is the first thing a person spots on you, so get one that makes a statement, but doesn’t overpower the rest of your wardrobe.

Functional fashion is attainable for all of us each and everyday. We aren’t confined to having to wear a suit and tie now. We can be stylish with items that are multi-purpose and fun to wear. Follow along on my journeys to see how I style everyday on Instagram and Snapchat: Outlinedcloth


For menswear, personal branding, travel, and social community stay tuned as Devin rolls out his series of collaborative videos featuring his favorite brands, designers, creators, and entrepreneurs.

For more advice from Devin on menswear and personal style check out his website. And of course stay hip with his Instagram: Outlined Cloth and Twitter: Outlined Cloth’s Tweets.

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