Jake Gerth of frameshop USA is a part of a resurgence in Over-The-Rhine of talented and passionate entrepreneurs. Building businesses for themselves and a name for Cincinnati, people like Jake Gerth have been growing the national spotlight on Cincinnati as their work and personality undoubtedly shines. Forbes listing Cincinnati as one of America’s 20 Best Cities For Young Professionals and Cushman and Wakefield ranking the Queen City among the Top 15 Coolest Cities in North America, it’s good to get to know the framers of cool.



Photo By: frameshop USA

So, Frameshop USA. How’d it start? Whose involved?
frameshop (lowercase f) was started by Jake Baker and Jake Gerth (me). 2 Jakes, 1 company. Anyway, I bought him out a couple months ago. Running the company by myself has been a learning experience to say the least.

What do you do differently than other frame shops?
Almost every single framer buys their frame moulding from large companies. Then they cut and assemble the pieces. The result is a final product that you could conceivably get at any frame shop. We took it a step further. We buy our material from lumber suppliers and make our own frame moulding. We specialize in solid woods and simple design. The level of craftsmanship and time we put in on each project makes us a truly special framer.


Photo By: frameshop USA

More than decking the halls, ya’ll provide Art Direction & Design? Can you share a bit about those projects?

Some clients know exactly what they want, and we do that for them. Others want us to take the project and run with it! We aren’t afraid to take the lead, in fact we thrive with that kind of responsibility.

Any current or favorite projects you wanna get chatty Kathy about?
We recently finished up a hotel project in Charleston, Sc called The Restoration Hotel on King. This may be the most premier hotel I’ve ever been in, let alone working for. We worked with their artists in residence, photographer Gately Williams to create these massive photos framed in classic black stained maple frames. It makes me feel all warm inside thinking we made it to such a level so fast.


frameshop USA x The Restoration Hotel Photo by: The Restoration Hotel

You guys seem to have a really great company culture – what’s the sweet spot for nailing that vibe?
Our team is made completely of artists. I’m inspired daily with the people I work with. I feel like we built a dream team of Cincinnati artists/craftsman so naturally we grew to be a strong team. We look out for each other and understand the decisions we make effect everyone else. Everyone is held accountable for the work they do. We also allow for a lot of artistic freedom. You can’t cage an artist, so we don’t.

Something tells me you have amazing playlists at the shop – this true?

I gotta admit, I’m the outcast musically. I listen to country music and gangster rap exclusively. The rest of the team has other ideas of what good music is. 3 of the frameshop crew are also musicians.

Who are you listening to right now?
This question should be answered by the professionals. I would say Chris Stapleton and ASAP Rocky…


Photo By: frameshop USA

It seems like you have a strong presence in the Cincinnati Community, yes?

If you are a city dwelling Cincinnatian you know frameshop..and me. I’ve been down here for awhile and I paid my dues for years. I’ve worked for pennies (and free) helping people launch campaigns, initiatives and events. This got me personally in a lot of influential circles. I never had a job or entity to hang my hat on. I wanted the right thing to happen. frameshop is the right thing and I love our position in the city. We have a lot to offer and people know that. We work really hard, and that in itself demands respect in the city.

What’s the Over the Rhine culture look like for the uninitiated?
OTR is changing everyday. “Outsiders” with lots of cash are coming in buying posh apartments, driving prices on everything up and opening businesses. I guess that’s what success looks like. I think that’s another reason people like us so much. We’ve been here through the hard times and we grew up with the neighborhood.


Photo By: frameshop USA

And what is frameshops role in said culture?
I like to think we help set the bar for what is “cool”.

So what’s next?
The big project we are currently working on is a set of hotels in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida. We won the contract to do graphic design, signage, murals, and of course art buying and framing. Our finger prints are literally on every surface of this project and I can’t wait to show it off to the world.

Where are you taking frameshop?
We want to design hotels (art buying, framing, graphic design, etc, etc). We want to take projects all over the world and become a name in the hospitality industry. I see it. It’s what keeps me going everyday. We can take this show on the road. I dream of Parisian Hotels, Australian Beach Resorts, and Colorado Mountain Lodges. Our style could be accepted and flourish anywhere, so I want to take it everywhere.

What are your plans for Over-The-Rhine?
We just promise to not leave. That’s all we can do. OTR has it’s own momentum far bigger than us so the only thing we can do is to make sure our voice and perspective stays.


Photo By: frameshop USA, Interior Gallery Space

If you’re in the greater Cincinnati area, get hip to frameshop USA. Be it your go-to for your custom framing needs or your center for inspiration, these guys are up to something great and it’s contagious.

frameshop USA
1317 Main St, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 275-9916
Website | Instagram | Facebook

Stop in frameshop & swing by some of the best Cincinnati coffee shops while you’re at.

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